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I feel pretty good about a good deed I did today. Believe it or not, I rescued a squirrel!


I was out shopping today. I was walking along outside (Freezing) when I heard a weird scratching sound when I passed a trashcan. I became curious and went back. I heard the sound again. The trashcan was from Rubbermaid. It's very sturdy, but someone had managed to break a small round hole about an inch and a half wide into the top. As I watched, a little snout suddenly stuck out. The sound I heard was frantic chewing as what at first I thought was a huge rat was trying to widen the hole so he could get out. I practically learned to levitate as I leaped away.


When my heart slowed down, I realized that the little snout was too cute for a rat. Somehow, a squirrel had become trapped in the trashcan! 

Here's a picture I found of the model trashcan I'm talking about.


See that lock with a key hanging out? I was afraid that if I just pushed in the opening where trash goes, the squirrel would attack me out of fear. I looked around, and "borrowed" a decorative landscaping stone. I whacked the hell out of that lock and managed to loosen it enough so the door was free. I know it probably made the squirrel more upset, but I didn't want to get rabies or anything. Anyway, I kicked at the door until I got it open a few inches. Then I jumped back just in case.


Several people were looking at me like I was crazy, but I said to the trashcan. It's okay, you can get out now. Right on cue, the squirrel came flying out! He landed on the sidewalk, and hunched down real low. He looked like a cat about to pounce on something. He looked pissed!


I backed away and said "You're alright. Go climb a tree!"


He did! It was like he understood what was going on after all. He took off and ran right up the closest tree. People laughed after that, and I put the stone back and got out of there as fast as I could.


God I hope nobody puts that on YouTube. I should have recorded it myself, (without me being in the video!) but I didn't think of it until like an hour later!


I'm glad I freed the poor guy though!


Has anyone else had any experience like this?

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I once found a hedgehog on a street. I picked it up the best way I could and put it inside a bush.

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That's a very :yay: moment if I've ever heard one!

I've helped earthworms after it rained many times before get back to some dirt before they dry up.

My grandpa helped nurse a bird with a broken wing during one summer in the past.

My sister found a stray dog and lured it into her car, then brought him home and my mom's took care of him since. He's actually extremely behaved. Well, he'll stop barking at you once he gets to know you. :adorkable:

And, my aunt helped a stray kitten live after it was abandoned by it's mom during a night with freezing rain. Unfortunately, the cat died a few weeks ago. Still amazing that the kitty was even able to live to begin with considering it was playing with death that night.

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