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Luna Fantastic Adventure!


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hello everypony, today i introduce to you my mlp FIM fangame!!

its pretty bad as it was made with gamemaker, but i hope you can understand it,


1: is this game cancelled?

A: no, i have simply taken a break from Game developing as a whole, im learning new things with game maker and hope to bring something good to you guys,

2:  is this game in development?

A: yes,

3: am i able to edit this game via gm8decompiler?

A: yes, as long as you dont sell them, remember, this game is free!

4: is the game supposed to create txt files?

A: yes, it happens to give people a little laugh, its harmless, as it only creates these in the games directory,

5: will this game harm your computer?

A: no, it was made with game maker 8 with no harmful intentions, you can scan the game on https://virustotal.com if you are unsure,



Luna Sprite - Unknown
Evil Enchantress: no_hope.mp3 by Unknown
Evil Enchantress [Euro Spell Mix] - Eurobeat Brony


Luna Sprites - emeralddarkness
Giggle at the Ghostie [ParaParaSprite Mix] - Eurobeat Brony


Luna Fantastic Adventure.exe

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credit is needed,
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This was fun!!! Avoiding the goombas and collecting those mushrooms(?) to get to the next level! I'm so used to Mario that I tried to stomp on the goombas at first and then the game would end lol!! But I figured it out! There were a couple places where I could tell I would get stuck if I missed a jump since the walls were all too high to get back out, but the one time I fell in, I managed to glitch my way out and make it all the way through!

I loved Luna's walking animation! Also the music choice was fun, I was bopping my head the whole time. What song was that?? Definitely sounded like eurobeat style! This really reminded me of old MLP games I used to find online back in like 2012, it was so nostalgic! Thanks for making this!


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this was a pretty cool game! i really enjoyed the music, though after the first two goombas there wasn't a lot to do, would be really cool to add something like bits or stars to pick up, until you get to the end or the next point. Really feels like a game i'd play back in the day, the walking animation was nice! can't wait to see further updates if you do update it

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7 minutes ago, Sonictails_fan9 said:

thanks for the idea! will be adding that soon!

yea the goombas are rlly wierd, idk how to make enimes in game maker that well,

more than welcome! I don't know the first thing about game maker so not quite sure about how to get enemies to move so already doing great! 

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  • The title was changed to [UPDATE] my mlp game is out!

New levels!! It was fun to collect the coins now! And I was so surprised when there was another pony to talk to lol! I like the way the new black and white levels look, the color scheme is neat! Thanks for making!!


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hey! Great update, Def feels better with picking up the coins and the new level. Great work! Can't wait to see what the next game will be or what the next update to this. My only REAL big critique is to add a windowed mode option, got a fairly wide screen so it doesn't look as good, having a window mode option so it can be resized. KEEP IT UP!  

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alright cool, the thing is, the game still runs for some reason on the final part after it closes, AND requires the user to use task manager unless the game opens up again, man i hate how gamemaker is arghhhh:bedeyes:

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I like that she wiggles her legs when in the air :fluttershy:

Also, the game instantly closes if I die and press 'OK' on the dialog box. Is this intended? It's inconvenient to keep having to open the game again.

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On 2024-03-01 at 11:49 PM, Sonictails_fan9 said:

yes, its a running joke i put in the game, its all intentional since i have no know how to restart the room,

AHH. was just about to ask that to, thought it was a think with Game Maker :ButtercupLaugh: That makes much more sense ^_^

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  • The title was changed to Luna Fantastic Adventure!

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