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Dream World Thread

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Hello there! I'm a bit new to the forum, but I do like to Roleplay. I was wondering if anyone would like to participate in a dream world thread. It would star Princess Luna, making her way through a night of likely bad dreams. Of course, there wouldn't be anything wrong with stopping by a good dream, but the majority should be nightmares. I would be playing Princess Luna, and you can find my version of her here. I feel that I keep her pretty close to how we see in show, however, I don't use all the "we"'s and "thou"'s and all the old speech. I say that after Nightmare Night, Luna practiced and learned how to speak more modernly, although she still has a regal air about her.


That said, this is how I imagine the thread would work. Everyone post in here which character you would like to use. In the RP thread, everypony would have to take a turn interacting with Luna. So everyone that posted here would be in a queue, and after Luna handled one dream/pony, she would move on to the next.


When the next person is up, I'll post in the OOC and wait for a response, to make sure the person is still active and around. I'll give two days for response the OOC topic when it's your turn, otherwise you will be skipped. Of course, if the skipped person comes back, then they will be next.


Anyone interested?

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