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Your guardian


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The pain you feel is mine as well,

the horrible darkness coaxing my heart.

I convinced you to be happy and hopeful.

when you were destroyed in return.

You are not alone in this world,

as I have felt the same pain.

To have friends that love you...

it is a feeling that I want back.

Your friends mean the world to you,

yet they continue to split.

You do not deserve this pain you feel,

yet you accept it with open arms.

Worrying about every detail,

everyone's well being kept deep into your heart.

To see you happy again is what my heart yearns for,

yet you continue to feel saddened.

I want to hold you close,

to keep you safe from harm.

Things will always get better,

no matter how dark things may get.

I have taken the role of your guardian and have accepted your pain as my own,

the gaping hole in my heart is here to prove I am there for you forever.

My heart is yours to hold,

as yours has been hurt.

My life belongs to you,

no matter how much we hurt.

I love you Alex,

and I hope you never forget that.

For I am always yours,

until my final breath.

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