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Hey I was just wondering did they ever recorded like a soundtrack of the show that would have the songs. If not, why the heck not! I love to have a cd that have "Winter Wrap up" Smile, Smile, Smile", "The Art of the Dress" and many others..

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Probably because it isn't a auctual song in the show..


It is, actually. Season 1, Episode 17, Stare Master.


Anyway, funny that you made this topic, because I'm just about to post another one that's very similar.

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I just find it kinda funny we are deeply into season 2 and all the songs in the show they hadn't made one ywet.


Kid's shows rarely ever get soundtracks to begin with, so i'm not surprised one bit theres none yet. If they do decide to make it, it probably won't be for another couple of years.


In the meantime, enjoy this unoffical, fan-made soundtrack of season 1: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/12/full-high-quality-pony-music-album.html


I don't think there is anything official but the songs are pretty easy to find. Saying that, I still haven't been able to find hush now quite now anywhere.


You will find that song on there.

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