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what is a community it is a good question, but what i think a community is, is a large group of people that support each other, but sometimes it gets out of hand and everyone is too kind and never tell the truth, Its like lying to your girlfriend by saying the dress she bought looks great even though it doesn't but you say it does anyway to make her feel good.


Thats how i think these forums have went people are too afraid to tell people how it is being to kind and thats how a community stops improving if everyone says yea thats great they will think its great and stop but if you say hey that need a bit of work maybe the people will put some work into it and improve.


I really thing the community of mlp forums needs to improve alot there are so many arguments about the stupidest things even if you don't get along with someone don't be mean to them just ignore them. i hope after reading this you want to help improve too :)

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A community is a massive group of people who either share common values or, in this case people who share common interests regardless of a physical location. A community takes time to improve, so we might see a change sooner than later.

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I for one haven't really ran into any arguments in my browsing, then again I really don't browse too much.


But if there are, people are people and we can't change that. You will meet people who have a much different opinion then you on something and will completely attack you for it. Isn't that how we kind of grew stronger as Bronies in the first place? We stood up for our public humiliation and eventually it all just went away and we became at the same level as with any other fanbase.


Love and tolerate, remember that phrase? I don't hear it much anymore but it stuck with me and I live by it now. People will be on maximum guard about their opinions and will defend it from a mountain top, I feel that the public humiliation as Bronies kind of rubbed off on us in the wrong way, even around other people who love the show just as equally as you do, sometimes it's a bit too much and you blow up on someone when really something is just bothering them and they just wanted to blow off steam.


That is to say with other things within the fandom such as grimdark tales and explicit art, we tend to discriminate them and their well being just as badly as we did when social publicity would target us because of our liking. But we shouldn't do that because deep down there is a reason we got involved in this mess in the first place, and that is opening that book of friendship (wow how cheezy)


TL;DR: We should treat each other with respect as they are people too, people will defend their opinions and we can't change that, the best we can do is ignore it or be polite and rational about it 

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