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Hello, all!! :) I am machine and I am a new brony to the series(2012) and I stayed a "closet brony" for a while, but recently I have been extremely interested in brony culture, and want to be apart of it!! I am pretty young(13) and I noticed alot of people on here are rather old(20s-30s) but I still insist!! My favorite pony is Fluttershy, and I draw ponies, and stuff on DA. I plan to make youtube animations soon, but I'm still trying to get a hang of Adobe Professional. :P I talk alot. Anyways, I'm looking forward to good times here!!

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Hey my man welcome to the forum! You are pretty young but don't let that get in the way of enjoying the site. Like you stated before most people here are a little bit older. (myself I'm 17)


I like Fluttershy quite a bit but my favorite will always be Rainbow Dash. ;)


I hope you have a fun time experiencing all the cool things that come out of enjoying MLP and being apart of this great fandom!


I hope to see you around! /)

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A big brotherly welcome to the forums mAchine!


Haha, you're fine mate. We've got a pretty diverse age group goin' on here. (Heck, I'm older than anyone who's posted so far)


And hey, you like Fluttershy and you draw, so that makes you A O.K. in my book. Though honestly you would of been O.K. by me even if you didn't... (But hey, who doesn't like bonus points?!)


Hope you have a stellar time here broski. ;)

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