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Searching The Lost Elements

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There were not always only 6 elements. There were 12. As the princesses found the tree of elements, the 6 known ones hid the others. They were selfish, wanting to be used by the most powerful of ponies.



This brings us to around 1200. The other elements were rotting, melting into the tree, seizing to exsist. About a week before they disappeared, 6 evil ponies came wandering into this ditch with the thriving tree. They found these elements, and the elements were revived. They each took one, and ventured back to their home.



And now for the present. The ponies mentioned before passed, and new ones came along. They stayed evil, wanting their roots to stay pure. Except for the ones today. They didn't know it yet, but they WERE those elements. They lived their lives. Went to school, attended work, and pestered parents and siblings.




Okay! So there's your backstory.













Art ----- @**Appleshy** ----- Appleshy ----- 16





Reading ----- @Flying Ace ----- Flying Ace ----- 17








No Alicorns. YET.

No Mary-Gary Sues

Be Patient

If you read this, put Welcome Home in your form.

Your OC must be at least 16 to participate

Foul language is allowed, just keep it to a minimum

Keep it appropriate. If there's romance, which is okay, don't go THAT far.









RP Sample:



Have Fun!

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Ok, I want to join this seems like an interesting idea, welcome home


Link: In the signature.

Element: Reading, that seems to be the closest element to Ace.

RP sample: Ace tiredly entered his home, it was a busy day at the theater. He yawned and stretched; professionally avoiding the thousands of books that littered his house. He laid his glasses on the bedside table and fell face-first on the bed, ready to end the day.

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Link:Angel Light
RP Sample: Angel awoke when she heard somepony calling her name and cautiously got up, gently sweeping the floor with a hoof to ensure that she wouldn't step on anything. She trotted forward until she reached the wall, and followed it until she found the door. She repeated the process in the hall until she came to the front door, all the while trying to figure out who it was. 

And if more than one character is allowed,

Link: Either 
Sunny Dew or Pacific Glow
Element: Magic.


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Link: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/embers-r5480


Sample: Embers slowly shifted in his bed, feeling to lazy to do anything. He got up, out of the bed. "Ugghhhhh, were is the food" He said to him self. He started walking to the table, but was still sleepy and so fell flat on his face. "Just another day on the job" Embers ate his meal of a banana and got up to leave. He went head first into the door

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