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Pegasus Summer Sunrise


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Name: Summer Sunrise


Age: 17


Gender: Female


Species: Pegasus


Cutie Mark: A green leaf. This particular type of plant is known as Serenity, which helps to soothe the soul.


Personality: She's usually very cheerful. Although she doesn't bounce around from joy (usually), her eyes sparkle when she's happy. She's also pretty shy around stranger, which is why she doesn't like going too overboard with her emotions. Still though, if you're a friend, she won't be afraid to come right up and give you a hug, she's very amiable towards ponies she knows.


The only thing she doesn't like is backstabbing. She frowns on lying, but understands that it's sometimes unavoidable. But an actual display of traitorous disloyalty she will never forget, and never forgive.


Backstory: Adventurous as a filly, she shunned the high society life that her parents tried to persuade upon her, instead opting to go outdoors and frolic in the sun. She had a secret spot that caught the sun's rays just right, while still providing a cool shade and offering a beautiful view of the nearby river and lush, grassy meadows. Always playful, she was completely unprepared when her father fell ill.


None of the doctors understood what was happening to her father. Day after day she'd rush home from school, and get the same disappointing response. All the while, the outdoors called to her. At first, she was angry with herself for being so inconsiderate. But as the days turned into weeks, and months of continual shrugs and apologies from the doctors and herbalists that came to see her father, she grew despondent, losing hope and running back towards the area she had used to love and sunbathe in. It was there, nestled in a hallowed tree that she found a plant-a type of herb, actually. Although not sure what it was, instinct told her it was what she needed. Heading back home with a sliver of hope in her heart, she fed her weakening father the herb that she had planted. And waited.


He opened his eyes for the first time in months.


With her father back to full strength, her happy spirit returned, and so did she-back to the outdoors that called to her-this time having earned her cutie mark. This time, she she began taking interest in all the plants she could find, having realized that she enjoyed that as much as she did frolicking in the sun. She went on to train to become a doctor, a process she is still in right now. Her specialty is natural remedies. And she wears two golden bracelets around her hind legs, to appease her high-society inclined parents, and more importantly, because it reminds her even today of her childhood-the shining golden sun and the vibrant green grass.


"The beauty in life is how you use it to make the world a brighter place." -SunRise's Motto

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