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Romance Everything Has Changed (DiscordDash)


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Hi everybody! I really like to write, and I like MLP, so I decided to do a fanfic about MLP. I like shipping too, so i decided to do a love story. So well, hope you enjoy!


Title: Everyhing Has Changed

Ponies: Everypony but most Discord and Dashie.

Rating: I guess G c:


Rainbow Dash gasped, as she kicked the last cloud for today. She was really exciting, because after work she had decided she should preform some tricks for Ponyville, and well, she really liked attention. She got down on the ground and walked to her house. She would need a little rest and a snack before she could get started. She eat some toast and drank some apple cider, and she thought of how awesome she was. She really thought that this would be a special day, but then, when she sat by the table in the afternoon light, she never knew that that day would be VERY special. VERY VERY special...




(Sorry if there is something wrong. I am not English. So if there are something wrong then please say that, because i really like to learn stuff c;)

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