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About Me




A friendly pony from Poland with weird interests.

For some strange reason, he liked My Little Pony, which later brought him here.

Always tries to be supportive and help whenever he can.

Sometimes may seem silly, but that's just his personality.

In his free time he is mostly browsing forums and developing games.



My Pony OC


Name: Happy Flow

Posted Image

Personality: A very positive, energetic and sociable pegasus, that loves fun.
She is always supportive towards other ponies and will do her best to cheer up everypony in need starting by offering hugs.
It usually helps, due to the warm aura, that surrounds her.
It is rare to see her sad, though she is sensitive to hate.
She doesn't like arguing and will always apologize, even if that wasn't her fault.
Sometimes irresponsible, though she's lucky and her smile guides her through many problems.


Biography: Despite being a pegasus, Flowie (that's how some ponies call her) was born and raised in Ponyville. She had a calm and happy childhood, her parents were absolutely good for her. Surrounded by love and care, she was one of the happiest fillies in Equestria. When she grown up, she started sharing her happiness with other ponies, as seeing the world blooming is what she really wants in life.


Comparison: She's happy, sociable and kinda irresponsible like Pinkie Pie, though she's not that unpredictable and doesn't tend to throw parties.
She's kind and caring with love to nature like Fluttershy, though she's not that shy as she loves to make contacts with other ponies.


Special Talent: Spreading happiness and supporting other ponies is her talent. She always cares for the others over her own needs. Making ponies happy is what she really wants to do in her life.


Activity: Most of the time she walks of flies slowly around Ponyville or in lovely and calm places during sunny and colorful days. Fields, forests and parks are where she most likely can be found, especially when she's sad as she tends to close in herself away from other ponies to not spread the sadness. Though she is hiding with her problems, she needs and appreciates receiving support from the others.
She also likes to sleep on clouds and fly towards the Sun at dusk.


Likes and dislikes:
What she loves: Summer, beautiful and/or rare flowers, nature, rainbows, happiness
What she likes: sunny days, cookies, cakes, sweets, flowers, fruits, colors.
What she dislikes: Winter, sadness
What she hates: insulting innocent ponies


Kind: Pegasus









My hobbies and skills:


Game Developing
I'm an indie game developer, who likes to make games as a hobby. Currently I'm working with Game Maker Studio. Previously I was using RPG Maker VX Ace.
I've made some small games, but most of them are silly and/or uncompleted.





Art - Mostly Pixel Art
I'm doing some art for my games, nothing professional, but hopefully good enough.





8-Bit Music Composing
I'm toying with 8-bit music from time to time. Again, nothing professional, but I'm still proud of my works.
Currently I'm using Famitracker. Previously I was toying with LSDJ for some time.
Perhaps I'll try going beyond 8-bit someday.




8-Bit Sound Designing
Along with music, I'm capable of making some 8-bit sound effects.
Same as with music - Currently I'm using Famitracker, previously LSDJ.










Note.png Note
I know it looks like shameless advertising, but that's actually some relevant information about me. Posted Image

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