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C. Thunder Dash

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About Me

I'm a 23 year-old brony who loves mlp, music, games and science.


How did I come to like mlp? Well, in a rather odd fashion. You see, I've come to like when things are destroyed or when people fall and fail. So I was on my usual search for destruction when the familiar "piano drop" comes into my mind. I look it up. As I was searching, I see a picture of Twilight Sparkle and the title: "Derpy Hooves: (drops stuff), by kyrospawn. I'm like "Huh? What's that doing here?". I then proceed to watch it. I laughed. Little did I know that this was My Little Pony. When I read the description, I was shocked. "No way!" I was like. I then explored more of those short clips on kyrospawn's channel. However, I still was not immune to the song, since I was still stuck in the stereotype. I wasn't a hater necessarily, I just said that MLP was for girls. Anyway, as the days passed, I continued to watch the small clips, until the day came, when I attempted to watch an episode. I kinda scattered around a bit. I kept avoiding the theme, for that opening signature, would make me cower. Soon, a day came when I manned up and went through the theme. The episode was "Sonic Rainboom". I couldn't believe that I actually liked it and on that day, I became a Brony.


What pony am I like?


Well, that's a hard question, but according to the pony personality test, this is how it turned out:
Posted Image
As you can see. I came out as solid Rainbow Dash. But, I also have Applejack and Pinkie Pie in me. Obviously, I've got no trace of Fluttershy in me. Yet I've got Twilight Sparkle and Rarity in me as well (That's because I love science and always want to know more about certain things.)
Posted Image
Top 3 Persoanlities


Rainbow Dash: I'm very loyal to my word and always there to help. Whenever I hear someone in need of help, I run to them and ask what's wrong. Occasionally there's the false alarm Posted Image. I can be a bit arrogent at times, but I try to keep that in check.


Applejack: I'm also very honest and hard-working. On some weekends, I don't even get out the house to do something. I'm trying to get all of my college work done.


Pinkie Pie: I LOVE to laugh. I tell jokes and I can be very silly. Sometimes, when I think about something, it makes me laugh. I also love to party and dance.


What is my Element of Harmony: Kindness
Posted Image


Who would be my best mare?


Posted Image


Favorite pony:


The one and only: Posted ImageHow many OCs do I have and which one is my fave?
Well, I've got over 10 differet OCs and my favorite one to use would be...my primary OC Thunder Dash!
Posted Image


Recently, I created a new griffon OC named Thundy. Here's what he looks like:
Posted Image


My Music Life:


I started indulging in music at the age of 5. Before that, I was already able to name a musical instrument just by hearing the sound of it. However, it was rather slow. It wasn't until my 4th piano teacher that things started kicking into gear. When I started with my 4th piano teacher, I discovered I could learn music just by hearing it. I have been doing piano for the past 17 years and am classically trained. I have taught myself to how to play in other genres. Recently, I taught myself how to play in the African and Jamaican styles. In the year 2010, I got my first composition software for Christmas. I started by simply arranging my favorite music pieces. The year 2012, was a big year in my composition journey, as it was the year that I not only became a brony, but also the year I became a brony musician. Since then, I have been happily composing music. This year, I got my Korg Kronos workstation, which is something I've always wanted.


Here's what my setup looks like:
Posted Image
As you can see, not only do I play piano, but I play saxophone and guitar as well. I am mostly self-taught when it comes to guitar.


I like all genres of music. I am selective when it comes to hip-hop/rap however, as the majority of it is explicit and I strongly dislike explicit music.


My main other interest is cars. Currently, I drive a 2007 Saturn Ion with a DOHC 4-cylinder engine and front wheel drive. I would like my next car to be a Subaru WRX STi, in which I may tune a little by adding a cold air intake, flowmasters exhaust and modified body kit.


I also like sports, a lot of them, too many to put down Posted Image


I'm also an avid gamer.


I've been playing Super Smash Bros a lot lately, and hope to enter a tournament someday. My main characters are Pikachu, Marth, Little Mac and Palutena. This applies to previous versions of Smash. I'm currently learning to main Jigglypuff. In addition, I love racing games and recently have been playing Fast and Furious.


In addition, with the add of the PS4 to my gaming set, I now play Call of Duty and Uncharted. I plan to get Madden 17 and others in the future.


I am also an avid movie goer. I love action movies. My top 3 favorite movies are


1. Furious 7
2. Star Wars Episode 7
3. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


Well, that's just the jist about me. Feel me to hit me up anytime you want to chat! https://mlpforums.co...ult/8pfRZzv.png

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