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  1. My mom asked me for a poster of a custom pony, so I designed and painted this: She's thinking about getting me a Wonderbolts hoodie. PONY CHRISTMAS ARE GO! Sadly...Dad's getting a Spiderman poster and fiancee is getting a ushanka (er... however its spelled... Russian fluffy hat!)
  2. It went by rather smoothly, actually. I think I spent like 2 hours on the line art (If even that) and then 3 hours last night and 6 hours today. So no more that 10-11 hours I think! One of my longest, but definitely worth the effort! I realized that my signature fell off the remake so I threw a quick one on there. I don't mind if you print it without or with, but I thought it should at least be complete! XD
  3. I cleaned it up and made it even clearer for you! I'm SOOO glad you like it, and Happy Birthday! If you feel like getting it printed, I give you sole permission to print a copy for personal use at any size you want!
  4. I made this in response to a thread talking about how the OP had no Pony merch to show his fandom love, but had a lot of Halo stuff. As a fellow Halo fan, I had to try to help him! Tell me what you think! Painted: Original: Check out these in better sizes or browse my other junk over at my DA!
  5. So I started working on this when this thread opened and I just now finished it! Maybe you can take this piece and have something that shows off your love of ponies and doesn't clash with your Halo theme! XD Hope you enjoy this crap! I made it for you!
  6. Meh, I have TONS of non-brony friends (Including my roommate) who come over and TRY to get my goat about it. I usually just say "Hey, it's what makes me happy." and then ignore them. Only time I ever stand up is when they accuse me of being a clopper and what not, to which I reply "So because I like something means I'm sexually attracted to it? I guess you spend your Sundays beating it to sweaty men playing grab-ass for a misshapen ball. Yeah, I'm the 'gay' one." That USUALLY shuts them up.
  7. This isn't Rarity, it's my friends OC Blizzard Gale... and every time I post a painting of her I get this. I could point out the number of differences, but I'm thankful for the compliments.
  8. Photoshop CS3. I just installed SAI and both, no matter what resolution or settings I try create a very sharp artifacting in every curve. It's possible I just don't have a steady enough hand... but seriously I can't make the most basic shape look not pixely or not shitty on either program no matter what tool or how hard I try. I've messed with illustrator, but I don't have the patience for that...
  9. So I've been messing around a lot with digital art. I usually hand draw lineart than paint over it, but I've been practicing doing full compositions with it. I can't seem to get very smooth lines, probably because I have a very sketchy art style. I wish I knew how to get the straight smooth, almost vectored looking lines that it seems even the most novice digital artist can achieve. Anyway, I did this tonight as a request for a friend. Gimme some feedback!
  10. Last night I did a live stream of what I thought would mostly be me either just messing around or working on some non pony commissions while pony music played. What ended up happening though, was me discovering new ways to draw with my tablet, and the results I feel were pretty okay. Tell me what you think! This one was a request for a friend and was done a little differently than the other two. More of a painting, I was also challenged to add a background to the image, something I almost NEVER do, and something I feel I did okay with for a first time experimenting. This one was a concept for a friends' OC. I drew this one a little more traditionally and in a way that allowed for some speed. And finally, this was a quick one for a friend who waited patiently for a drawing of his OC. It's meh, but I got it done in about 45 minutes so I was happy about that. Tell me what you think folks!
  11. It's a digital painting in Photoshop, the inspiration being wanting to make new friends and push myself to learn and practice new techniques. I'll be sure to link it if and when it goes live! Thank you very much! :3
  12. This is a commission i did for a friend. She apparently filmed the painting of it, and will be making a speed paint video of it. Should be interesting... >.>;; Edit: Updated the final slightly and added the lineart below.
  13. Paul Schneider couldn't pull off that beard. I'm thinking more Paul Giamatti. Thank you. There wasn't as much comedy in this one as there will be in a later pages, but the response has been wonderfully positive nonetheless! Oh I am desperately guilt of that as well. I figured teammates and fans will force me to maintain some kind of consistent schedule. I'm the same way with materials, that's why I've just started using whatever I can. Most of my art is copy paper with a mechanical pencil or a ball-point pen I got from the bank, then photographed from my cell-phone and cleaned up in photoshop. I AM THE HOBO OF ARTISTS!
  14. I think your work is FANTASTIC! I love your style and seeing the underlying method is already giving me some more ideas of things to try with my own art! I'd be kinda curious if you might be interested in collaborating on something later on! I think our art styles may blend nicely!
  15. Thank you so much! That is my fiancee's favorite part too! I just got done looking at a thread with some of your work. I'm curious if you might be interested in collaborating on somethings sometime?