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  1. Hey Guys so a month ago i posted here that i needed Voice actors for my new mlp abridge series. well anyway i just finished the first episode a few days ago and i thought that i should post it here and get some feedback. I'm new to abridging but me and the crew are going to keep doing it so any feedback or support would be helpful also we will need parts in the future if you want to try out. Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wRuG0Q-y7E&feature=c4-overview&list=UU-QfUzVA1yQsF7IkMOHps7g Im commanderfawkes by the way
  2. Hello everypony i posted a while ago that i needed voice actors for a abridged seires ,well now i need a singer to sing the mlp abridged opening that i wrote. I will give you full credit and will really appreciate anyone who comes forth man or women it doesn't matter if your interested email me at therisingdawn12@gmail.com thank you
  3. Hey guys im making a mlp abridged series and i need voices (mostly female but if your a male i can find some parts). Im Fairly good at writing and video editing but voice acting is not my thing. so i basically need all voice parts for the first episode (which is the first episode in the series) which includes: Applejack, Rainbow dash, Rarity, Spike, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and probably Twilight (If i don't voice her) Nightmare moon is the only one I know I will be voicing so if your interested in any of those parts or other email me at therisingdawn12@Gmail.com just say what part your interest
  4. CaptainLuna

    Music My Pmv series

    hey sorry im late on this haven't checked this in a week or two. each of the acts took me about month to do but their was a week or two a month that i didn't work on them. thanks for viewing i still wish i could get my series out their more though. any who thanks for watching
  5. CaptainLuna

    Music My Pmv series

    Hi Guys and Gals ive been making some pmvs for the last few months and i would like everyponys opinion on the so i can improve. I have started a series for Avenue Q, book of mormon, and Dr horrible's sing along blog (This is actually the whole movie broken into 3 acts). The links to the playlist are below if any of these interest you watch them and tell me what you think thanks and have a wonderful day. Avenue Q http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPorGL-Z_rO64fkef3DiF2NcV2CglfWSn Book of Mormon http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPorGL-Z_rO6ffFu3HwDi0JofsPabOidO&feature=mh
  6. hello everyone ive started a pmv series last week and i wanted to see what everyone thought and try to get my channel out there a little bit. the songs are from repo the genetic opra. below is the playlist link there will be more in the series soon
  7. so the trailer for X and Y just came out and as well as seeing the new graphics for the new generation we saw the three new starters: Chespin, Fennekin, and froakie. i personally am going with fennekin because it reminds me of a vulpix and i love fire types. which starter will you chose and why.
  8. check out my kickapoo pmv i made featuring scootaloo

    1. Fresh Meat

      Fresh Meat

      Lol, that song cracks me up every time. xD

  9. off the top of my head when i was six i fought SA-X from metroid fusion three forms the first one isn't so bad the second one was freaky and annoying ,the third form the blue cube was freaking annoying. oh and as soon as you beat it two minutes later you have a minute to beat a freaking omega metroid
  10. This is now my favorite episode they included Luna perfectly and finally showed what some of her job is as princess besides raising the moon we diidnt know what she did during her entire night rule Also it was a scootaloo episode which they needed desperatly and i think now people see why scootaloo is best of CMC hands down This was one of the most dawing episodes as well since so much cuddling with rainbow and scootaloo the only thing i wished is that we found out if Scootaloo has a family or not. this episode improved upon the fact that scoot might be homlwess with no family
  11. ive had glasses for almost twelve years now but i just learned 3 years ago that im near sighted my eye doctor never specified which is which
  12. locked in a room with luna well first it would be hug time but then i would like to learn about equstria before she was banished to the moon also i wouldn't mind if she did the royal canterlot speaking voice
  13. i would probably do the after effects to have the mane sixes after thoughts but theres one thing i realized while watching this in the actual episode they explain all but the first incident when mare do well saves the pony in the blimp this might just be bad writing but to me i think they were implying that mare do well was an actual pony and the mane six just copied her design so i would take this and add mare do well off in the distant narrating the end and fleeing to another town to go save other ponies
  14. maryland usa- it was unusually warm today but last week it was about average winter temperature so idont know it might just be today that it was weirdly warm
  15. CMC vs Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon Nightmare Moon Vs Queen Chrysalis Octavia VS Lyra Photo Finish VS Hoity Toity ( the fashion Guy From Suited For success) Iron Will Vs Gilda Flim Flam Vs ???? (dunno but it should be somebody) Celestia Vs King Sombra
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