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  1. I'll certainly take that into consideration. You seem to like the elder scrolls a lot. thank you for seeking out this. It means a lot
  2. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I live in BC and the only places in Canada that is being shown it are Toronto and Quebec city so I am official out of luck. I'm probably going to get it when it comes out on DVD or what it on TV with a couple friends so we can laugh for either the right or very wrong reasons.
  3. It's not done in my eyes but I just wanted to get some feedback on this. A ponified Ordinator from Morrowind holding an Ebony staff. Which happens to be my favorite weapon. Anyways if you could Give me your opinion and anything that might improve the design that would be very much appreciated.
  4. Took some of your advice and added some forgotten details. I fixed up the right front leg so it's a little more gradual and gave her a tail as well as cleaned up some of the lines. She's even blushing a little because that seemed like a good idea at the time.
  5. This is just a simple drawing of a pony I made. It's nothing too special. I just sent it to a few friends and they said it was "adorable" I would like feedback if possible.
  6. I finally got a Scanner as the name implies. I've been forced to rely on a crappy camera phone to upload drawings so they never ended up looking too good. I've always wanted to use a scanner to upload my work so by Luna's might. That's what I'm going to do!
  7. I don't believe there has to be a union. Whoever controls the food is most likely self-sufficient. the idea I've thought about is like how any RPG world would end up if magic were suddenly no longer available. they would adapt. Hearthwarming eve show's the Earth Ponies are the ones who supply food and crops while Pegasi and Unicorns claim to control what doesn't need controlling. In the end, sciences would take over any roles that were needed.
  8. This may be a bit of a random thought but it's a random though I've had for a while. How would earth ponies fair if they were to make an independent nation where only earth ponies could be part of it. How would they compensate for the lack of magic and weather control that pegasi and unicorns are needed to do? It's just a simple question to ponder. I frankly think that without magic. Science would advance much faster allowing the earth ponies to replace their sister races with machinery.
  9. To be honest all the armour looked pretty nice in Morrowind. It wasn't hard to find an outfit you could wear and with customization being to so good you were bound to be able to make your character look how you wanted.
  10. Close my good man but it's actually a Gondolier helmet everything else is spot on. I would always get one early on just for the look of it. I would usually go for style points after i got to a high enough level.
  11. This is just a quick sketch I did as a tribute to my favorite RPG of all time "The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind" I've lost count of how many hours I've lost to this game and have yet to call it boring. By the way I'm aware it's not the best RPG ever, I'm not bias. I would really appreciate feedback also and if you can guess the armour then I automatically adore you. The shield should give it away.
  12. Here's a drawing I did of my ponysona Riding a skyline in Booker's outfit with a small tribute to the first Bioshock. Hope you like it. It didn't take too much time but I did put a good amount of work into it. I would really appreciate some feedback.
  13. This is a beautiful drawing. I don't normal like scoot but this is a definite exception. My one issue is the background. Cloudsdale looks a bit... off but that's a challenge to begin with. I also like the choice of cutie mark.
  14. That sounds like a great idea. I'm kind of running out of ideas anyways so it would be nice to just draw what other people ask me to do. What would be your request though?
  15. In my opinion. A person should try to stay confident but only to a certain degree. Being overconfident can cause problems. People can be hurt or upset and bad things can happen if you don't know your limits. Stay confident and Remember that you can do a lot when you set your mind to it but you can't do everything. No one can.