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  1. yep.. its cringe worthy creepy, defiantly not designed for a child though
  2. songbird serenade build a bear showed up today.. yay I have All the BaB again.. Also this creepy Robotic Twilight Sparkle.. is a thing
  3. I wasn't really going to join on this, and for the love of god I hope this isn't pushing or over the forum rules,,,, how ever since not every one can have peace of this tail, lets see who wants to fight for it... Image Also the user above me is most likly under age,,, in fact I willing to bet most of the users in this thread are under age,,, which makes the OP title/question really awkward to even want to answer
  4. my room Sorry~/~Not sorry you'll have to directly to youtube to view it for some reason.. shrugs...
  5. I haven't posted in a long long time, but I here to say I broke 200+ MLP plushies,,, heres a direct link to my gallery and here some new tees photos to go with it all new build a bears (31st august) custom 40" luna and toco fish Large Aurora Dash and a bunch of signed VA Build a bears and sooo much more inc customs (signed) sea ponies ect in gallary
  6. my current hall, 7 more new ponies and a few more coming All the current TY and new wal-mart hasbros plushies (on top) oh and
  7. bronycan 2016 shopping all photos can be found at (in the process of uploading)
  8. Pony Leggings... Furry style HA HA HA HA OMG the way these boards hands images makes my ass look
  9. Shinning armor and Derpy Build a bear arrived today. I offically have ever single MLP BaB releases plush now