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Everything posted by Cocoa23

  1. oh God why did i read cupcakes?

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    2. Jadefire


      Cupcakes is overhyped, I think. It's not bad, but it's no scarier/gutwrenching then most dark fics out there, or so I've heard. (I never actually read it.) It just has the honor of being the first MLP dark fic, and therefore introduced many people to the genre.


      A terrible, terrible, genre.

    3. qqq


      Reading Cupcakes is like a rite of passage.

    4. Marcato


      Just don't read sweet apple massacre.

  2. I like pewdiepie's videos better but tobuscus does AWESOME songs. i prefer pewdiepie because i cant really understand tobuscus very well
  3. oh thanks :3 very nice welcome! i feel very welcomed. Dont worry, everypony gets confused sometimes
  4. i haz chicken pox :(

  5. lol good one! and no don't worry im not made of cocoa! or am i? dum dum duuuum
  6. ICE CREAM! I have rock flavor! I also have chocolate and vanilla and mint
  7. UMM I DUNNO?! im a total n00b i no NOTHING! but theres lots of cake and crisps and rocks and gems and icecream cakes and muffins and stuff!
  8. PARTY EVERYPONY! theres cake and crisps and rocks and gems and chocolate rolls and icecream cakes and muffins and stuff!

  9. food and rock? mmm i love rock! its like so... crunchy? and the drawing scoot is refering to is the griffin on my first post
  10. i understand! my friend snowbeam did that and she got upset because the mods sent her a warning
  11. my parents found out i was a pegasister (thats right! girls like mlp too!) when i was watching mlp on my ipod and my mum came in my room and i tryed to hid my ipod so she got suspicious and asked what i was watching so she said that she was going to check my history so i decided to admit my secret
  12. oh it was a joke because on the episode with Gilda, she opens a present and snakes fly out and she gets angry and i was saying that im not like her but when i open the present and snakes fly out i got angry! its a joke...
  13. ye she's pretty cool... griffins are my favorite creature... i lost a lot of respect for her when she was mean to fluttershy though
  14. ME I WANT SOME! oh and dont worry! im not like that Gilda! *opens present and snakes fly out* ARGHHH RAAAWWWR
  15. Cocoa Jemflash
  16. WOW im a muffin!

  17. thanks! its not an mlp creator its just a random griffin creator! i like you pony too!
  18. i made a griffin with a griffin creator then cropped it with a cropping thing
  19. Cocoa23

    Hello there!

    welcome! i like to make new friends and im a bit arty too! would you want to be my friend!?
  20. i like fluttershy because i can relate to her. she is shy and loves animals and so do i! i would like twilight sparkle but its just shes like the mane character (see what i did there?)
  21. Hiya everypony! im here to introduce myself (duh). Well im a brown and blue griffin, i like jelly beans and my favorite pony is fluttershy because she is cute and shy and she loves animals <3