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  1. Mega Thread

    Memed because your avatar is staring.
  2. For being too slimy
  3. Granted, but you have so much floof you suffocate. I wish to sleep and dream forever, with no nightmares.
  4. I wouldn't want to be in that room full of children and getting weird looks to try watching a movie... in a room full of children, which likely means a lot of misbehaving kids. Also I can't afford it.
  5. come spy on some guy named rick with his camera robots

    one of them has a rainbow dash on it


    1. meme


      yes he knows the robots are there, he's had them for over a year. he's the one who made them.

  6. You changed your name to include "2014" in 2014 but never changed it again. Why?

    1. WiiGuy2014


      At the time in 2014, I did it to avoid potential hacking.

      But Honestly, I've been using the screen name "Wii Guy" since 2006 on other websites, because I've gotten and love my Nintendo Wii since then!

      Funnily, The Wii U reminds me of the fact that if U. was in my OC's name, I'd be "Will U. Guide" as in "Will you guide us, Will U. Guide?" LOL!

      Reminds me of this routine:


    2. meme


      What do you mean potential hacking??

    3. WiiGuy2014


      I don't quite remember; that was years ago!

  7. For being too adorable
  8. Granted, but now you're physically ill and have to see a doctor all the time. I wish I was rich and got the money legally and can use it for whatever I want.
  9. Mega Thread

    Memed because I just memed you.
  10. Mega Thread

    memed for princess pinkie
  11. Xbox audio is sounding like someone just poured milk into a big bowl of Rice Krispies. But the audio glitches don't show up in the gameclip recordings. Instead the audio sounds exactly as it should, which actually shortens the audio of the clip because it has to take all of the short pops or even some of the longer "fart" sounds and cut those out. By the end of the clip, the audio isn't synced and the rest of the video, after the audio ends, speeds up quite a bit until it also ends.

  12. Mega Thread

    Memed for empresses edit: oh