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    “900 years of time and space, and I’ve never been slapped by someone’s mother.” -The Doctor, Doctor Who
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  1. Let's hope not! Lol XD great to work with ya! *herp derp*
  2. Techncolor was having lots of fun in this new place. She saw Galatea was a bit scared of her. She hoped this wouldn't have happened. She mentally slapped herself in the face. Why did she always have to screw things up with her so-called by others "Talents"? She was going to turn to earth pony form, but didn't because she didn't want to confuse the foal any more. She gave a gentle smile, half kind, half ashamed, as she said, "You don't need to be scared of me," she said. "I will never hurt you." She stooped down to the foal's level. She attempted to give Galatea a hug.
  3. Technicolor_Pony

    Open Foal Party! OPEN!

    Technciolor started clapping and dancing along to the beat, changing colors as she moved. She smiled and started to cheer. "Thunder Dash! Thunder dash!" She spread her wings and did a nice backflip in te air. (I am getting real tired of your crap comment chat bar! Lol xD)
  4. Technicolor_Pony

    Open Ponyville Tavern

    Technicolor smiled, though. She looked at Midnight. "No," she said. "Don't feel bad. It made me smile." She smiled, and offered a sugarcube to everyone as she balanced one on her nose. She turned to SharpWit. "Ah, you don't have to buy me anything, I got the cash," she said with a grateful smile. (Yes, 3PM EST for me maybe, lol)
  5. Technicolor was born on a strange planet with horrifying creatures called humans (hew-Manz). She lead an unhappy life there. She then met someone special called the doctor. They traveled through all of time and space together. They started to fall in love. But one day, she fell into a pit of radioactive waste, only enabling her to be animals. Broke hearted, the two still loved each other, but were too shy to say it. One fateful day, when faced against Daleks, the two were forced to jump into a wormhole. While in it, they got separated, and landed in different areas of Equestria. Since wormhole
  6. Technicolor_Pony

    Open Sim Ponies High School

    (I fell asleep) Technicolor, alarmed, quickly used her horn to unzip the backpack and tossed the plant over to the flame stallion. (I am about to go to school by the way lol) (My filler is a great source of daily vitamins and minerals, including laundromat lint.)
  7. Technicolor_Pony

    Open Ponyville Tavern

    Technicolor saw midnight under the table. "Oh... it was you." she developed a sad face. "Not that that's bad, I just thought it was someone I haven't seen in three years..." She tried to hide any tears from coming out of her face. She stuffed another sugarcube down her throat and brought up a smile.
  8. Technicolor_Pony

    Open Sim Ponies High School

    Technicolor smiled a smile that was polite, but seemed to say, "Well, that escalated quickly." "Wait, did you say Tulpus?" she asked. "i think I have some of that." She nodded towards her backpack. "I'l let you guys have some if you need it." (filler is on Miller with a wafer of 'niller)
  9. Technicolor_Pony

    Music What's your ringtone?

    "carried away" by passion pit (the song on the tropical Tropicana fruit punch mixes commercial), but i'm planning on changing it to the MLP theme for people who are my friends. For people I don't like? It'll be The F.U.N. song. In plankton's part; "F IS FOR FIRE THAT BURNS DOWN THE WHOLE TOWN U'S FOR URANIUM.... BOMBS! N IS FOR NO SURVIIIVORS!!!" As you can see, I have a double-sided personality.
  10. Technicolor_Pony

    Open Ponyville Tavern

    Technicolor heard the words "absolutely fantastic". her eyes snapped wide open as she started to frantically- look around? it seemed as if she was looking for something important- or somepony. After a moment of wide-eyed searching, she sadly sunk into her seat in disappointment.
  11. Technicolor_Pony

    Open Sim Ponies High School

    Technicolor smiled. "You don't have to if you're afraid you'll pass out," she said kindly. We can always try again tomorrow." SHe let out a warm smile, trying to not offend anyone. (my fillers are annoyed my nextdoor squid neighbor named Edward Tentacles lol)
  12. lol I just wanted to see if I made a few days back there. XD it had to be done lol
  13. Technicolor_Pony

    Open Ponyville Tavern

    Technicolor smiled and shrugged, then looked at everypony at her table. "I'm up for whatever." she sucked down her cider and was tempted to kick back and put her hooves on the table, but decided to maintain her manners for the sake of her friends. (five letters away. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW CHAT BAR)
  14. ooh! I forgot two! "somewhere only we know" by someone awesome whose name has escaped me "The man that never moves" By the Script (I am a mare though lol)
  15. Technicolor_Pony

    Open Sim Ponies High School

    Technicolor's eyes lit up with amazement. "I've never seen anything like it!" Amazed, she said, "Try it! It's so cool it might just work!" Here eyes sparkled again in awe. (Bad fillers, whatcha gon, whatcha gonna do when Technicolor comes for you and her anger that she was twelve letters away from the limit, even with the song reference filler)
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