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  1. Why did you change to jerica?

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    2. Jeric
    3. Jeric


      @Bas I don't get hung up about those things. Some do, but not me. My take is that I'm not hiding that I am transgender. I'm also not tying to shine a spotlight on it either. But considering how visible I am on here .... that last one is hard to do. Harder for people that have met me or known me since 2014/2015 ... I think.  Anyway, I'm not talking about it like it is all that defines me, because you know .... gender doesn't define me. I am still me ... regardless of any other changes. 


      I could talk all day about the perspective of hormones and such, but its really a boring topic. 

    4. You


      What is that flag? Trans*?

      Just because it didn't annoy or hurt you, doesn't mean it was justified, people can speak for themselves (usually) and I was meddling in other affairs (again). I am sorry.

      (I am not fine with my own behavior here I think, at least from how I figured it out so far, it doesn't meet my own standards.It was not meant out of spite...but what I intend and what results of it's own story.)

      It is just a characteristic of many that someone has. If you know one transgender, you

      The 55 yo transwoman I met 2 days ago at a LGBTQ center who had her coming out only 5 years before told me she was actually surprised on how well people took it, and that she feared it to be much worse than it turned out.