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  1. Wait- what! Really? Oh my gosh. It must have been destiny that I logged on tonight just to beat that. with that I can rest easily tonight. 603,
  2. You're banned because how on earth do you remember my Timezone??? Haha. But you're right. I should go to bed..
  3. Haven't been online in months. So I can't tell. We actually have a reputation stat in the forum now displaying brohoofs. Considering that you have accumulated more brohoofs than your total posts, I'd say that you are a frequenter of the forum games often. 7/10.
  4. 599, Well, thank you very much! The site is quite different and everything has changed. Though the people remain surprisingly friendly. (says the person who wants to completely and utterly anhilate FortyTwo in his own game).
  5. You're banned because I'm always banned for Discord. We were supposed to ACCEPT him into the kingdom! Not ban him! Oh the tragedy! Or at least that was the case in S3.. lol
  6. You're banned because contrary to my avatar, I am actually quite an upstanding member of society!
  7. 415486, Nothing motivates me more than the most excruciatingly annoying alarm clock the morning. Lol
  8. 415481, Picture this: Applause everywhere, akin to a match at the Olympic Games. I believe in you!
  9. You're banned because that does not make a lick of sense. Nor a pinch or a dash of sense. One could say.. Banned for "non-sense"
  10. 594, Well this is an interesting turn of events I've stumbled into!
  11. 415479, Ahh! It sure is nice to see the progress here hasn't come to a halt!
  12. Oh my sweet chaos! New interface and 700+ notifications. 

    Is this the new version of a status update? Oh dear dear dear. Time to re-educate myself! 

    1. LeafFerret


      Re-educate? I don't have to go back to school, don't I?

    2. The Crimson Cross

      The Crimson Cross

      I don't know! But it is sorcery in the highest order!!

    3. LeafFerret


      Seems like the new season of Crimson is Magic has finally arrived then. Can't wait for you and Fluttershy together.

  13. 211, Hooray! We achieved the 5x dethrone! Our next goal is 252 for x6.
  14. You're banned because discord and Discord are two different things. One has a capital and is a name of a certain draconequus. The other one is a state of everlasting chaotic diffusion. #grammarnazi #sueme
  15. 161, The Mystery Lord is upon us. Maybe we can solve the mystery of 42's missing love child. It was a warm summer day when-- I'll just quit while I'm ahead. xD
  16. Happy Birthday! You've always been an amusing part of the forums!

  17. 411990, Why hello there Filly! Ah?! I am so touched! He remembers that I love tea. (Honestly it's my most memorable quality. Lol) So.. we are almost halfway to a million. Well. Done. Steak.