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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Happy BDay, bro ^-^

    Haven't seen you all the eternity =3

  4. 10 years of forced hard labor in the coal mines of afghanistan. . . .. ... too harsh?
  5. hey there,dude! how are you? long time no talk

    1. s.slug


      SCEETHE!! I know, I suddenly stopped everything and disappeared from existence for 3/4 of a year. A lot of people probably think I'm dead. I'll send you a message

  6. i actually forgot most of the episodes already since i dont really watch it regularly anymore,but i'll never forget all the awesome fan-made content that the community has produced over the years
  7. Harambe is just a gorilla,guys.
  8. hey folks,havent been on here for quite some time! how is season 6?should i watch it?

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    2. Kyoshi


      Season 6 has some really bad episodes, but it also has some of the best in the show so far. I would recommend it.

    3. Sceethe


      @Stardust Balance: Nice to see you too! to be fair,i have seen the first couple of episodes,but i kind of took a break from it after that,


      @Kyoshi: Which ones would you consider to be some of the best ones?

    4. Kyoshi


      The Times They are a Changeling, A Hearth's Warming Tale, Spice up Your Life, and Saddle Row Review.

  9. because he is a farmer dude, going for actual strength over muscles who just look good. check out strongmen and compare them to body builders:one looks powerful,the other one actually is
  10. play games for fun,not for personal gain. i understand that competitive games like counter-strike require you to put yourself into that kind of mindset in order to have fun,but you have to be careful that you don´t see it as something more important than it actually is.
  11. They are strong,independent mares who don´t need no stallion.
  12. I´d personally hope for a spin-off series or something, but i think that we will get at least 1-2 more seasons,based on what interest i still see in the show.
  13. Ghosts are real, thankfully we have the winchesters to protect us from them,though! Seriously though, nah they don´t exist. Probably.