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  1. Been a while since I've done any digital art. Twilight has never felt anger quite like this. This isn’t frustration, like when Pinkie’s Pinkie sense proved to be immune to understanding. This isn’t an OCD related breakdown. No, this is the pure, unrestrained rage of an Alicorn goddess. It took Spike, what else would she feel? She’s been like his big sister since he’s been born. No pony could handle the amount of rage seeping out of her very being. Looks like whatever creature decided to kidnap Spike will have to help her with that.
  2. Dj Manjaro

    Drunk Ponies

    I wouldn't post it online if I didn't want people to download it, so gopher it.
  3. Dj Manjaro

    Drunk Ponies

    G'day MLP forums. Did this in school today. "Thanks fer helpin' me finnish off this keg RD." "No problem AJ, next time you need me to get funk as druck with ya just let me know." -Edit- So, I decided I can't just leave this one alone. So I added more of a background. I might do a bit more to this tomorrow so I'll post another update if I do.
  4. Dj Manjaro

    Evil Twilight

    I would agree with you in that the story would make a good fanfiction, however I doubt I'm the one to write it. I can write little bits like the stories that go with my art but I'm not very good at writing a whole story beginning, middle to end. My writing is meant to put an idea in your mind, one that you can fantasize about. If someone wants to take that fantasy and make it a full story of woe, then go for it.
  5. Drew this at school today. For whatever reason, today seemed like the day to explore the possibility of Twilight's new status and ability to use dark (or Alicorn) magic as a means to send her down a dark path. Face it, you'd be terrified if Twilight was looking at you like this. Life tests first and gives lessons after. You will retake the test as many times as you need until you learn the lesson. There is one lesson that Celestia has had to relearn far too many times. That lesson is that power can corrupt the heart of anypony. It is a lesson that Celestia’s ancient heart cannot bare to ha
  6. This was my last page in my sketch book. It deserved a drawing with lots of love and care, and that's exactly what it got.
  7. Dj Manjaro

    Grand Finale

    No particular story with this one. I just knew I had to draw this once I saw Twilight now has her own Sonic -- Sparkle--Boom... or something. Makes for some good friendly bonding. There's no doubt in my mind that Rainbow Dash would want to try this. Edit - Wooo! Just saw this made it into today's drawfriend on EQD. It's number 4.
  8. Dj Manjaro

    Smiling Applejack

    I did it on and off during school. I started it yesterday and finished it off this morning in first period. So it probably took about an hour and a half to two hours of work.
  9. Oh Applejack, yer' so cute! I need to draw you more. I often avoid drawing her just because her stetson always manages to throw me off and give me trouble. I'm not sure what it is about that hat that screws with the perspective. Oh well, practice, practice, practice.
  10. Dj Manjaro

    Hoodie OC Pony

    You did this with a mouse! That's crazy! As I nit pick at this, realize I'm very impressed by what you've managed to do with just a mouse. Her ears are a bit too big and the hood makes it more immediately noticeable. Her front legs seem like they should be a bit closer together. The hoodie itself looks good but the texture on it seems very flat. Other than that, it looks good. Practice, practice, practice my friend.
  11. Ah the struggle for satisfaction with your art, I know it well. As you grow into a style, you will become more satisfied with your art. You've got yourself a very nice OC there, I love her hat. You're shading is very, very well done. Especially with the fuzzy bit on her cape. The bottom of the pumpkin looks like it could be a bit darker though. You're color is very nice and appealing. Her hind legs seem a bit thick, although that could very well just be me since I prefer to draw really skinny legs. I'm curious as to what that bird on the back of her neck is though... Is it meant
  12. For the longest time, my OC's name has been Sylenth Stroke. I've come to find that the name is really just confusing in that most people don't know what Sylenth is. (It's a synthesizer in FL Studio) So I've decided to start calling him by who he's always been, Manjaro.
  13. Happy birthday! *Hugs* :3

  14. Your line art is pretty good, but your lighting effects could use some work. Sweet shine's hair looks good as it goes with the grain in her hair, while Eldur's doesn't. Also, The bottom of Sweet Shine's right hind leg looks like it should fill in with her body. Other than that, it's pretty good.
  15. Since school has started back up for me it's been harder for me to make time for my tablet. I hope to change that soon. Fluttershy has dedicated her life to helping any creature that comes her way, and those creatures have dedicated their lives to her.
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