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  1. Does anyone still remember me?

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    2. Lisa


      RP died at one stage? Never thought I'd ever hear that considering it seems pretty popular at the moment. The 'Recently Discussed Forum Topics' is always full of RP threads. :P

    3. Azura


      Well, the one I was in died off. It was nice while it lasted.

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      Yeah I remember you. Signature maker.

  2. Auria stayed silent during the entire briefing session, and when Felicia was done, she took a closer look at the documents. It wasn't long until she set it aside and got up to get a cup of water from the bar. '22 hours is a long time..' She thought to herself before she took a sip and got back to her seat.
  3. Day after day of training, the team finally gets sent out onto an actual mission, Auria hoped that everything she has done up to this point will aid her teammates and herself. She followed the group into a lift, which after a little waiting, opened up to be a flight strip with a plane. Auria followed Masun onto the plane with the others, and when she got on, she sat down near the back. She looked over at Masun but quickly averted her attention to the interior of the dazzling aircraft. "Where exactly are we going again?" She asked Masun.
  4. Auria got out of the car when it came to a halt and headed towards the elevator. She went down and went back to her room. The trip to and back from the casino used up most of her energy she had, especially when she didn't get enough sleep to begin with. Auria took a deep breath before laying down on her bed, curling up and closing her eyes to take a quick nap.
  5. Auria giggled when he heard Charles' joke about building trains as a hobby. She always found his humor quite entertaining and she's glad to have someone who brightens up the atmosphere. "Is it normal if I don't have any hobbies?" She asked no one in particular.
  6. Auria followed Charles to his car from a safe distance to avoid attracting too much attention. When she got to the carpark, he was no where to be found. "Dark blue Range Rover..." She thought to herself. Auria looked around and spotted Charles sitting in his car, so she headed over and got in the back seat. "Hey."
  7. "Can't Sam brainwash them afterwards? She's all about magic, right? Memory manipulation shouldn't be a problem for her." Auria replied to Masun. She didn't know what Sam was capable of, but she believed that it shouldn't be too hard for her to get pull off. "Where's Sam anyway?"
  8. Auria looked at the men Masun was talking about. "Can't we just interrogate any one of the Hunters and make them spill the beans?" She asked Masun. "If one of us can lure them to a spot where no one is around, maybe we can find out why they're here." She suggested to Masun. Even though her plan was quite impractical and risky to some extent, she thought she'd share her thoughts anyway since the team was quite capable.
  9. "T-Thanks." Auria starts sipping on the milkshake as she glanced at Charles when he was heading towards the table. "So.. What about these Hunters you speak of, Masun?" She asked with a confused look. "Are we in any danger?" Auria added onto her previous question before taking another sip of the strawberry milkshake.
  10. Auria didn't really understand why people like to get drunk, especially in a casino. "Milkshake sounds nice.." She thought aloud before looking at Masun and said "I guess I'll have a strawberry milkshake, that is if you don't mind me ordering another drink." Auria said.
  11. You could say that Auria dislikes alcoholic drinks to quite an extent. It just doesn't make sense to her why someone would drink something that tastes so bad, at least that's what she thinks about alcohol in general. "Hey Masun, do you think I could get a mocktail or something that isn't alcoholic around here?" She asked.
  12. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just had some things on my mind. Did I miss anything important? I wasn't really paying attention.." Auria sounded somewhat nervous, scanning her surroundings and the people around her. She didn't really feel comfortable in this casino, especially after hearing some things about Hunters that kill oddities lurking around this area. Auria grabbed the drink and took a sip, only to realize that it was alcohol. She paused for a bit and placed the drink back down on the table.
  13. Auria quietly followed Masun and the others around. She has never been to a casino before and it was quite overwhelming. There aren't any casinos from where she used to be, so this was all new to her. She knew people gambled, but seeing it with her own eyes changed what she thought about it before. Auria noticed that Masun bought a pair of sunglasses, which kind of confused her since they were indoors, but she knew there must be some sort of reasoning behind it, so she didn't bother asking. She sat down on the table that Masun picked out.
  14. Even though Auria took more time than the others to get to the casino, she was finally there. Without much effort, she managed to find the others. As she approached the others, she saw a girl walking away. 'I wonder who she is..' Auria thought. Breathing heavily from all the running, she says "I finally made it.."
  15. When Auria got out of the building, she saw Masun running off into the distance, and since Sam was no where to be found, Auria could only assume that she has already left the building with a magic spell of some sort. "I think I've already lost the race." She finished with a sigh before running in the general direction where Masun went in hopes that she doesn't take forever to get there, especially when she doesn't run near as fast as Masun.
  16. After hearing what Masun said, she decided to get a head start. Of course, she had to tell the others before she left since it would be rude not to. "That sounds fine with me. I guess that means it has already started? If that's the case, I'll be getting a quick head start. Catch me if you can, Masun!" She said before running towards the lift and hurrying out the front entrance.
  17. "Then we'll start the race five minutes from now. We can decide the starting point later." Auria left the lounge and back into her room to grab a bottle of water and the money she had in her bag which wasn't exactly currency that would be accepted in this part of the world, but the casino should be able to exchange it. She got back out of her room and waited for the others to get ready. "I'm ready!" She waved at Sam and Masun with a smile of excitement.
  18. MLG Forums is best forum.

  19. "How about we have a little bit of fun? Lets race each other to Vegas to see who gets there first. Whoever loses will have to treat the two winners a drink. How does that sound?" She asked both Masun and Sam. A magician and a wizard. It's possible that I might end up losing since I can't fly. Auria thought to herself.
  20. Three, Four and Nine are my top picks out of all of them. Banner Three is the only banner out of all of them that doesn't have a rectangular box, taking advantage of the transparency and also adding a more third-dimensional depth to the banner itself by using layers in a smart way alongside good vector choice and positioning. Overall the best banner out of the bunch. Even though Banner Four has a realistic sunflower background instead of one that matches the MLP style of things, and even though it has an unnecessarily thick outline border, the banner itself still gets my vote due to the similarities it has compared to the previous two banners used when the competition started. Banner Nine also gets my vote, firstly because of how simple yet well-done it is. The positioning of the text and the vector is quite refreshing since it hasn't been seen before in the past, and even though it's pretty basic, it has it's own uniqueness compared to all the other banners.
  21. "I'm still kinda new around here, so I was hoping you'd show me around.." She blushed, feeling embarrassed. "How about we go to your favorite place? There must be a place you spend time hanging around, right?" Auria suggested. She wondered if Masun knew how to drive a car, or if he even has one. Surprisingly, Auria had no idea how far or close the city was from them. She wasn't paying attention when she was in her way here, so Auria is quite clueless on where exactly she was. "How close are we from the city, anyway?" She asked Masun.
  22. "I wonder how he would taste like.. You know, since he's not human." She laughed afterwards. "Don't worry, I'm just kidding. He sounds like a pretty nice guy. I wonder what he's been through. He doesn't even have clothes to wear." Auria finished. "Hey Masun, wanna go out? It'd be really boring to sit around here all night when there's so much to do outside." She suggested to Masun, but she wouldn't mind if the others tagged along. "Unless you have something planned for us already..?" Auria added.
  23. Auria agreed with what Sam said about how formal he spoke. "Franky.." She whispered into the air when he left the lounge. 'I wonder what his powers are.' Auria thought. "Hey Masun, what are your thoughts on Franky? Are we going to get a chance to fight him?" She asked, curious about his powers and what he's capable of.
  24. "I might be wrong, but I don't think we have as much freedom as you think we do." Auria commented, wondering if Masun would correct her since she's just assuming that we aren't allowed to leave unless we get sent out on a mission. "If you want clothing, the organization should be able to provide you all the clothes you want, free of charge, should you ask for it." She suggested to Franky.