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  1. Cloud Strife

    S06:E15 - 28 Pranks Later

    I'm not fully finished with the episode yet but this was already a problem that stuck out to me and I only just started it. Bejeezus. But this isn't a simple "forgetting a reminder". Rainbow went through a full calling out of Gilda and all that and it was universally established it was bad to make Fluttershy cry - a point that Dash didn't contend with. This is especially insulting when it's coming after Hurricane Fluttershy, in which Rainbow was extremely caring and considerate toward Fluttershy. This isn't Rainbow. It's them trying to retread an old plot and say "see, we can do it better!" while bastardizing their existing character in order to make it happen. The CMC would have been much better candidates for this lesson.
  2. Cloud Strife

    S06:E11 - Flutter Brutter

    Most people who are complaining about Zephyr have acknowledged that they think Fluttershy's character was strong in this episode. It's not a problem with any of them. Just because someone likes one aspect of an episode, doesn't mean they can't complain about other aspects, especially if those other aspects make the episode unenjoyable and thus difficult to take in the positives that it presents. This is the nature of constructive criticism; just because you liked this one part of the episode enough to not care about the possible bad parts, doesn't mean others are supposed to enjoy it with you. Also, you're right, Zephyr was clearly written to not be likable. But why was he written like that, especially when we're supposed to sympathize with him in the end? It's a very deceptive way to pull off a "he's not all that he seems" kind of plot, a way of tricking the audience. There's a way to make his problems relatable and to even give him some realistic flaws while still making him sympathetic. I get that he's supposed to be a realistic depiction of this kind of personality type, but the issue is that television is here to entertain first before it's meant to reflect real people. Certainly, realism in character depiction is a good thing, but not to the extent that it makes your audience angry or bored. Lastly, Fluttershy has had other episodes in which she has been assertive, though in some of them she didn't have as much stage presence. "It Ain't So Easy Being Breezies" is one example, and "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3" had her ending a fight between Twilight and Rainbow before it could escalate any further. There are other examples; these are just the two I can name off the top of my head. I present to you a question: why is it "idiotic" for someone to be upset with something within an episode just because some other thing went well? Hurricane Fluttershy isn't a point of comparison here, because Hurricane Fluttershy is widely regarded as a great episode. Let's say, hmm... You dislike Filli Vanilli. Would you think it would be reasonable for someone to say that your upset at how Fluttershy is possibly learning the same lesson again is "stupid" because the songs in the episode are good, or maybe because her friends were well written? After all, Zephyr is the point of this particular episode, and Fluttershy was the point in Filli Vanilli. This is simply hypothetical; I don't know how you feel about that episode. The point I'm trying to stress here is that if you're going to make that argument, I would hope that you back it up in relevance to every episode, not just this one, and stay consistent with your own logic. You don't have to respond to this, it's merely food for thought, of course. As for me, this was an episode that I enjoyed for Rainbow and Fluttershy's depictions, but the more I think about how Zephyr treated Rainbow, the more...uncomfortable I feel. She was giving off some pretty clear signals that she wasn't interested in him, but he kept on going and going with that slimy behavior and he was never called out for it, not to mention it's played simply for humor's sake. I don't blame people for finding it funny, but I do think the writers were bordering on dangerous territory with it, especially since characters like Rainbow often have their behavior misconstrued as actually liking the other character secretly, which is a problem that should be addressed. Rainbow was not "playing hard to get"; she was legitimately put off by him and wanted him to stop hitting on her.
  3. I've decided for the time being that I'm going to give up Rainbow Dash. I just have so much going on in my life right now, what with the death of a family member and all that, that I haven't really been able to get on much or focus on this site at all - and thinking about it is causing me unneeded stress. If she's available later and nobody has picked her up when I got things a bit more down to pat, I'll pick her up again, but for now she's up for grabs.
  4. Well, uh. I've been kind of swamped and lazy and not feeling up to replies. Whoops. Sorry. I'll get to them next week. EDIT: I've been out of town, which means I couldn't get to replies. I'll be getting to them on Monday - I hope this suffices for the week of Jan 10!
  5. Cloud Strife

    [Ponyville] The Ponyville Pet Center Fundraiser

    @@Derplight Sperkle, @@EquestrianScholar "Oh no, Mythos here is going to help me with some illusion magic. Basically going to bring the story to life with images." Rainbow blinked in bemusement at that. Bringing story to life with images? She knew a bit about illusion magic - Trixie used it, after all - but not enough for her to entirely gauge what that might entail. Actually, it kind of sounded interesting, even if she wasn't really into reading books as much as her egghead friend happened to be. "Speaking of, could you show me an example of your abilities Mythos? I would like to see what you can do before we begin, if you won't mind?" Well, she might as well speak up herself now. "I'd kinda like to see this." She drifted over to the alicorn's side and plopped down onto the ground, nose upturned into the air and ears pointed forward in curiosity.
  6. Cloud Strife

    [Ponyville] Flying Lessons (1x1 w/ Derplight Sperkle)

    @@Derplight Sperkle Rainbow certainly couldn't help but be curious herself. Surely it did provide additional abilities, being an alicorn? After all, she'd used magic that was greater than that of any unicorn - and although it was Twilight's natural talent, she was sure that it'd only been enhanced due to her princesshood. It'd been an idle curiosity of hers that she'd been toying for a while now, but she didn't have the time to bring up; maybe someday they'd get into a more in depth conversation about it. Alternatively, maybe they'd get an explanation from Celestia herself. For the time being, Rainbow just plain accepted that Twilight was different from the rest of them, which didn't bother her. After all, her role meant that Twilight could stay within Ponyville with them. The only concern might be being too busy with the Wonderbolts, but she was sure that she would cross that bridge when she got to it. After all, Rainbow could always find a way to make time with her friends. She smirked as Twilight finished her milkshake and she finished her own. "Hay yeah! Let's go, then!" She got herself up to her hooves, picking up the milkshake in her teeth and then throwing it into the bin, and then making her way to the doorframe, waiting for Twilight to catch up.
  7. Cloud Strife

    [Ponyville] Flying Lessons (1x1 w/ Derplight Sperkle)

    @@Derplight Sperkle "Thank you Rainbow Dash. I'm glad in your eyes that I am making progress at such an amazing rate. Though I can't take all the credit, I do have the best flyer in Equestria to help train me." Maybe she was stroking the ego to end all egos. At this point, though, instead of making a snarky remark of of course, the pegasus smiled instead, a grin that spoke her confidence more than words ever could. Just the fact that Twilight didn't take her criticism too hard left her smiling. She was definitely a motivated pony, when she wanted to be - but then again, Rainbow always knew that about Twilight, ever since that first time of them getting at Nightmare Moon. Rainbow shrugged. "Maybe it has somethin' to do with you bein' an alicorn, too. You're just really good at it, for somepony who's just started learning." She took another slurp of her milkshake at that. "You're better than most unicorns at magic. I mean, I know it's your special talent, but... You're pretty awesome, Twilight." Was it gushing? Maybe. Rainbow said it in non-chalant enough of a tone, as if it was just the easiest fact in the world to know. It wasn't as if any of it was undeserved. Still, this was getting pretty sappy, so Rainbow decided after her little pause of silence that she would redirect the conversation. "When d'ya think you're ready to get back in the skies, by the way?"
  8. Cloud Strife

    [Ponyville] The Ponyville Pet Center Fundraiser

    @@Derplight Sperkle, @@Red Cedar, @@EquestrianScholar Rainbow did catch that wave out of the corner of her eye, and it made her smirk - apparently he realized that she overheard. Just as well. For the time being, she drifted around the two ponies, her friend and this Mythos guy, as the two of them started talking to each other about the books that she helped to pick. Honestly, though, she wasn't too invested in the conversation in question; it was about books, and although Rainbow certainly had been reading them more often as of the Daring Do series, she wasn't sure she could actually go through with reading from one out loud. She was more the type to spin tales on her own or recite ghost stories she'd heard around the campfire, rather than dust out the tomes and set them in front of her for the fillies to enjoy. Still, she wasn't about to dampen on Twilight's fun, especially since she knew how enthused the egghead was about books. Wait. It was then that a thought occurred to her. "So wait," she suddenly blurted in the middle of the conversation, not quite realizing she had as she hadn't been paying it much mind to begin with, "are you two gonna be reading those here, or is it just gonna be Twilight?" She was a little slow on the uptake as far as this went.
  9. Cloud Strife

    [Whitetail Woods] Detour Through the Woods

    @ "You are reckless fool Rainbow, but...that was what we needed," panted Trixie, which didn't bother Rainbow much at all. She was fine with being reckless in this situation, given that it was for their benefit at the moment, although she couldn't help but give the unicorn a look of concern when she did manage to return to her hooves. Trixie seemed to be barely, if at all, managing to keep herself upright, and if more timberwolves were going to hunt them down, then it really was a good idea that she got recovered enough for them to get out of there. She stretched herself, trying to steady herself as she made her way over to Trixie as the other pony continued. "Thank you Rainbow; I owe you a lot for that. Now, let's see if I can get the trailer back on it's wheels and-" All of a sudden, Trixie stiffened, speech no longer leaving her muzzle, and Rainbow raised a brow in confusion as she watched her show as her mouth gaped and her eyes sought out something that Rainbow herself could not see. She was about to prompt her on what she was flipping out about, but Trixie herself beat her to it, "We have to" Okay, that, Rainbow simply didn't understand very well. "Whaddaya mean? What's got ya in a tizzy?" Deciding she wasn't going to understand if she just stood there waving her hooves, she followed Trixie's gaze- -as it landed on a newly reformed timberwolf, the very same Rainbow just took down. '... Oh. Darn it.' Rainbow completely forgot they had that power. "Right. We gotta run." They were both weak, and there was no way they could outrun the timberwolf, but what else could they do? They needed to find something, anything, to help them. Regardless, Rainbow didn't hesitate in charging right over to Trixie and nudging her forward, allowing the pony to slightly lean on her in order to make their escape before the timberwolf decided that it should break out in a sprint itself. Maybe they could get a head start.
  10. I really did try to manage my replies, but I'm not feeling up to it. Personal reasons. My oldest excuse is expired by now so I'm just going to use that. I'm sorry everyone.
  11. Cloud Strife

    [Canterlot] How To Be A Snob

    @@Golbez A sudden, awkward silence permeated the air after Applejack's bold statement, and at first Rainbow was reveling in her agreement - but that began to turn to annoyance as the silence continued to stretch on. She was about to ask the prince if he was still in there (though she suspected he didn't really have a brain to begin with) when suddenly he spoke up on his own accord. Her ears perked up, because he didn't address Applejack at all; in fact, on the contrary, he spoke to that butler of his, Clock Chime. Her eyes whipped over to him as she gazed at him inquisitively, before the order left his lips. She then noticed the unicorn maids approaching, and a sudden fight-or-flight instinct was beginning to kick in as she began to run it through her head, rather correctly as she was about to find out, that they weren't here for a friendly chat. "Please take Miss Applejack to his highness'es washroom." he looked towards the closest maid to him, "Run ahead and prepare a bath for Miss Applejack." The maid trotted off, and then Rainbow's eyes widened as she witnessed the remaining maids capture Applejack in a shiny aura, levitating her up. She was just about to object to it, when- "Wait." called Blueblood, observing the scene from a safe distance, the maids all turned towards the Prince at once, "...I think Miss Dash would also appreciate an opportunity to also freshen herself up, being a well renowned athlete and all." "What?" "Yes, Your Highness, " they spoke in unison, paying absolutely no mind to Rainbow's words at all, and then their horns glowed as a tingly feeling shot up along her fur. She backed up, trying to buck against the magic beginning to envelope her, but it was no use; with the combined effort of the four unicorns, there was no way she was going to snap herself free. She flailed her legs, her wings, but those, too, were captured, to the point that only minimal movement was allotted for the poor pegasus, caught within a web of magic. "I don't need to freshen up! Stop it!" she barked, voice practically hollering. "Lemme go, lemme gooooOOAAAHHH!!" Before she could even finish her last sentence, she was levitated up and a twisted feeling ran through her stomach at movement that was not her own. The loss of control was starting to really get to her, and although she'd experienced it from Twilight and Applejack before, the two of them had the decency back then to let her go and were only doing so to halt her in her tracks. In this case, it wasn't a matter of stopping her. She would've resorted to pleading for help, preferably from Twilight since she probably had the magic to counteract this, but before it could even leave her lips she was already gone and out of the corridor.
  12. Cloud Strife

    [Ponyville] Flying Lessons (1x1 w/ Derplight Sperkle)

    @@Derplight Sperkle "So Rainbow Dash, how do you think I'm doing so far? I know I'm very new to flying and need more instruction and lessons since I haven't gotten as much experience." And since she did know that, Rainbow didn't feel much of a need to point out the fact that her technique wasn't perfect, or that Twilight certainly had a lot of work to do. While those statements would be true, they'd be pointless to make, not to mention potentially discouraging, and Rainbow just wasn't the type of pony to do that to somepony else, especially one 'studying' under her tutelage. She'd have to compare Twilight at the end of their training session to how she began it, rather than in a sea of pegasi. To be honest, even if she did, Twilight flew impressively well, given that it normally took fillies years to perfect their ability to fly. Sure, for Scootaloo, she was a little behind her group, but she wasn't that much older than pegasi who first begin to learn. Heck, Twilight had shown to some degree the capacity to keep up with her. If Twilight practiced at it, she'd be a really good flier in no time. Rainbow leaned back as she contemplated this, taking a slurp of her milkshake, before she decided on a reply. "You're doin' pretty cool, I guess." Rainbow Professionalism Dash, indeed. "There's some stuff you definitely gotta work on, mostly with fine-tuning and all that. But..." She grinned. "You're pretty good for somepony who just got wings not that long ago. You pro'lly fly at the level of... Hmm... A filly-near mare, older than Scoots." Which was really good for a beginner. It might seem like she was comparing Twilight to fillies, but she didn't mean to. It was also worth noting that said little filly had a handicap. "As for how much you progressed in that training session? Quite a bit, actually. Usually takes most pegasi days to get past that hurdle." One thought struck Rainbow: what if...Twilight got to be a better flier than her? ... 'Nah, that won't happen. Too much of an egghead for that.'
  13. Cloud Strife

    [Ponyville] The Ponyville Pet Center Fundraiser

    @@Derplight Sperkle. @@Red Cedar, @@EquestrianScholar "Great. I just know it will be great." Of course Twilight picked up on that. Figured she would. It was funny, how far they'd come over the seasons; before, Rainbow was much more derogatory toward the other pony and her hobbies, but as time has gone on, she has lightened up - and Twilight on her. Although, at times, she could be the pony to steer her back in the right direction... Which was a friend's duty anyway, so Rainbow didn't mind it. As her friend trotted over to the booth where Applejack was in order to talk to Mythos, she lazily drifted toward them. Ordinarily she would've gone back out and explored a little; but at the moment, she wasn't really feeling up to it. Besides, Twilight seemed to have wanted her to read the books with her. She wasn't one for the kiddie picture books, but a part of her was still repaying Twilight for the guilt she felt over not helping her out when she got injured, so if this was going to make the alicorn happy, then by all means. She wouldn't do it without pointing at Twilight behind her back, glancing at Applejack, and rolling her eyes with a grin on her face, though. As if to say, This pony, though.
  14. Cloud Strife

    S05:E25+26 - The Cutie Re-Mark

    I don't know, given that everyone's gotten tired of Boastful Rainbow episodes, I doubt they're going to have a retread of the same lesson. She might low-key feel good about it (and perhaps bring it up in the occasional conversation), but it doesn't seem like she'd boast about it like she used to in the previous seasons. Besides, Rainbow is the kind of pony who does actually recognize other ponies' accomplishments and values all of her friends equally. (see: this hot minute) She may be the kind of pony to see herself as the best at what she does, but she thinks her friends are the best at what they do.
  15. Cloud Strife

    S05:E25+26 - The Cutie Re-Mark

    I don't see why they should if she's genuinely changed for the better. They can choose not to forgive her if they want to, you have a point on that, but if they want to forgive her then I can see why. I never said what she did was excusable. It's forgivable. As long as she becomes a better pony from it, in my opinion, there is no need to hold her to that standard. As far as I've seen, she's learned from it; she genuinely apologized and halted her plot, and if I was in that position, that would be enough for me. Maybe it wouldn't be for you. Maybe you could never forgive someone like that. That's okay. You are allowed not to, because if someone wrongs you like that it is only your judgment of whether or not they deserve forgiveness that matters. Not anyone else's. But the Mane Six themselves think she is deserving of it and since they're the ones she's wronged, then they're the ones whose judgment I will back up. Who is worthy of forgiveness and who isn't differs from person to person. Everyone has their own individual limits. Starlight Glimmer, to the Mane Six, has not crossed them. EDIT: I'm sorry if this post is bad in any way or harsh or something by the way. I'm not really feeling particularly well for reasons that are unrelated to this discussion.