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  1. Happy birthday! 2-8-17

  2. Privacy? I doubt she's really hiding anything and the Nightmare Star thing is being speculated to be due to an AU created by Glimmer's meddling.
  3. Another pretty cute book on Berrow's part. I think she did a decent job portraying Discord adapting into having friends, and the Mane Six treat him pretty nicely here too. He has his mishaps but learns to overcome them. So I'm pretty cool with his interpretation here, it felt a bit more natural and not exaggerated like in his latest episode. Also the ending of the book is pretty cute.
  4. Amending Fences and Griffonestone see my top two so far. Also fond of Slice of Life and Party Pooped.
  5. This season has proven to be a pretty solid one. So I wouldn't say to much of a seasonal rot.
  6. They had been a few decades old when Starswirl found them according to the Journal book. So basing on that they're probably no older than 1,100.
  7. Hopefully it's the show writers taking advantage and doing something good with the toy line theme.
  8. I'm not into it because of th Foe Yay trope man. I already explained why I like the idea. And to her, he isn't on the same plane as Chrysalis or Sombra are. But I can understand the indifference perspective to an extent because of what the show has presented us, specially on Discord's part. Which is very interesting to ponder about, she was the one who sealed him initially and was free for the thousand years he was sealed. I can entirely understand him having some resentment or uncomfortableness about her. She seems more okay about him though, nothing groundbreaking, just simple "okay cool". I
  9. I agree on the Changelings co-existing with ponies if they feed of their love in a manner that doesn't affect them. Seeing this compromise or possible agreement of sorts would be very interesting in the show. Or at least how they can arrive to such a conclusion.
  10. That's common knowledge man. And it wasn't what I was referring to. I can somewhat agree on the way Celestia has been handled. I have not been to fond of her handling during most of the McCarthy run. Though, she did gamble. The whole Discord thing was a gamble since KCAFO. A gamble she technically lost in the Tirek two parter. And I can't blame her for leaving the Elements as just in case. Considering the guy's history she was only playing it as safe as possible and as beneficial for both sides as possible. As to Fluttershy, because that's how she is, that's the whole reason C
  11. I highly doubt that, I'm more inclined to thing the "nerds can be heroes" approach. Lauren in part put her together like that to show that you can still be nerdy and into girly stuff and be awesome. That's the whole reason of the M6 archetypes in the show, Twilight's nerdyness is just one of the archetypes the kids can relate too.
  12. Guess one can only ship because they want things to be canon and not for fun. Sweet. Anyways, the earliest I remember her saying she ships it was at Unicon when she actually pointed towards Meghan McCarthy and AKR that the question should be aimed towards them.
  13. I have met him in person at the first two pony conventions he attended. And he had interacted with Nicole Oliver at Unicon. He knows who she is, and who her character is. Also the fact that it's a character that has been brought up in scripts he has read. JDL's knowledge of the show expands to the work he has done and the interactions he has had in conventions. That is enough for him to know who Celestia is and have a basic knowledge of her.
  14. I like the kid, but it's sad to know its hard for them to come up with something for 'em. So he has turned out to be rather useless.
  15. Laziness and cheapness. Just look at their new Jurassic Park toys, the raptors are missing their trademark sickle claws. http://i.ytimg.com/vi/-zumMAgo3mQ/maxresdefault.jpg The heck is up with Hasbro's quality control across their various properties...
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