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  1. Request Avatar request.

    That would be great and greatly appreciated Thank you.
  2. private The Four Cats of Apocalypse. 1x1 with Unicorncob (RP)

    "If you're nice to them, you shouldn't have any problems." Slumberfur's mind was filled with memories now, sure he had been in the twolegplace only 7 moons before becoming a clancat, but it still was enough time to make some friends. He continued, partly to himself "Maybe I should visit them some day. They probably would like to know how I'm doing."
  3. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    Not sure if actual question or not, so I'll answer. Still trying to figure out what Gobo means :3
  4. Give Your Thoughts on the Above User's Display Name

    Something I would drink. :3
  5. private The Four Cats of Apocalypse. 1x1 with Unicorncob (RP)

    "Other loners can help with that." Slumberfur meowed again "I'm sure they know safe and warm places." he looked like he was reminiscing "At least when I left they knew, and until they have moved to a different place, there should be all the same loners as there was back then."

    1. The_Gobo


      I get the feeling this guy spent a loooooong time thinking about this...

      to the point where he considers all perspectives, save that of the spiritual.

      And I find that very unfortunate. :(

  7. private The Four Cats of Apocalypse. 1x1 with Unicorncob (RP)

    "You're worried they won't take you back, aren't you?" Slumberfur meowed "You worry that same happens to you what happened to me and Midnight." he sounded oddly casual "Don't worry about it, if they have abandoned you, some other twoleg probably will gladly take you." "And if not, living as a loner around the twolegplace is easy, you don't even need o hunt because twolegs leave so much food outside."
  8. (Turning 20 this year) 1. Yes I know how to use one, but have never dialed one. 2. Yes, it took quite a while before we got our first internet access 3. I don't really remember what I saw in the news and what I have watched in documentaries. 4. Yes 5. I remember only reading about the reunification of Germany, and besides the joy of learning history, it was nothing special. (Wait, Hurricane Katrina is in history textbooks now?, I feel old.) 6. no. 7. yes, I do remember them, and we even have some of them still, and a computer that can read them. 8. I never used them look numbers because my parents always wrote down all the numbers, but i was 9-11 years old when they last used one, don't remember exactly. 9. Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, and Tom & Jerry 10. I don't think them as dated,and in many cases I would say they are better and "more fresh" than modern ones.
  9. What's the first feature you notice on people?

    I may be the odd one here, but for me the first thing is not anything specific on appearance, no, the first thing i notice their "feel". What I mean is, that when I meet a person, I get this general feeling off them, do they seem like a nice optimistic person, or someone who has never had a good day in their life, are they egoistic, or do they hate themselves. it comes from combination of everything from appearance to their choice of words. For some reason I'm just good at noticing it.
  10. Why Do You Keep Going?

    My parents. they are too good people for me to even consider causing them any kind of suffering, and me just giving up would cause them suffering.
  11. I don't know if I should get worried, 4 guys from our room in the barracks have had pneumonia in relatively short time period, and I'm getting very similar symptoms to ones they too had before the diagnose =/

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. The_Gobo


      Dude, go get checked out asap D:
      I hope y'all are alright D:


    3. Pvt. Cerberus

      Pvt. Cerberus

      Monday is asap. =/

    4. The_Gobo


      Okay, well, I hope you're okay 'til then T3T


  12. Are you happy with your life?

    No. I probably should, since I have a quite good life, but I'm not, not happy with my life, not happy with myself.
  13. Am I the only one who doesn't dislike any episodes?

    No you're not, I don't dislike any episodes, there is lot of Meh episodes I don't necessary want to watch again, but I don't dislike them.
  14. What Do You Like About The Above User's Avatar?

    Best Marvel character.
  15. It's interesting how a good character sticks with you even when you don't notice it yourself. Back, when I was just a kid, over 10 years ago, I saw the movie V for vendetta. Skip forwards to 2015, , when I created my first OC, now known as The Mask, based on myself, if I was a fantasy character, that year, I honestly didn't remember that said movie even existed. Now, year 2018, some months ago, I found the movie from Netflix and watched it, and to my great surprise V, the character, is very, and I mean very close resemblance to the mask.

    I saw a movie as a kid, and the character became my "day dream-version" of me years later, when I didn't even remember that the movie existed



    I know I posted about this back then, but I got bored and started thinking deeply about my OCs again, and how I always put piece of myself into them, part of my personality, my flaws, fears, what I want to be, and then something hit me. For years, my dream version of me, the one thing I wanted to be the most, was(and is) V, with superpowers. 



    1. The_Gobo


      Sadly I usually don't remember dreams like that myself ^^;


    2. Pvt. Cerberus

      Pvt. Cerberus

      I'm talking about day dreaming.

    3. The_Gobo


      I know :V