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  1. I love my new profile picture! My friend made it for me! It's both of my favorite things all in 1 picture :D

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      That's pretty Awesome!

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      I think those two would be great friends!

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      Amen to that!

  2. Well I'm back after a month :)

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      Welcome back

  3. Hey Hey Hey Ladies & Jellyfish, sorry if I had not been active for like a month or so but I'm present now but uh I'm here to show you all a project I had been working on last year and it was scrapped because it didn't have the best editing. But what I was doing is putting SpongeBob production music & sound effects in MLP episodes. So the first one I'm starting with is "Inspararion Manifestation" so now, here is a scrapped version that I had of this.enjoy! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6ftGbw96fibV21pNUtCUXJ1NXpKM1d3c2pILWVobjVCX0xR
  4. 17 years ago, the biggest & most popular cartoon aside from rugrats aired on Nickelodeon on May 1st 1999. Happy 17th anniversary SpongeBob!
  5. Well not exactly, i mean he still has his popularity and he still is the most popular kids show. But if he still were on season 6 i could agree. But season 9 is good and the creator came back to the show and wrote some good episodes. But the problem is the most recent show runner "Paul Tibbit" but he said he is stepping down as show runner and he said Vincent Waller or Stephen Hillenburg will be show runner. To be honest, Paul Tibbit should go back to being a writer because he gave us some gems like "Dying For Pie" from season 2
  6. Well, except for SpongeBob, Nickelodeon is awful. Its programing is horrible the live action shows are really bad, & Fairly OddParents needs to end. And it's trying to attract more viewers by using Vine trends. WHY?!?! I was watching Nickelodeon the other day (Was watching SpongeBob obviously) and they did the "Damn Daniel" thing and replaced it with "Dang Nick!" Yeah Nickelodeon, without SpongeBob you are screwed.
  7. I think so. What about you guys? I mean like these tracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_JoBUT_LyQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCGqwxn8s9k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NA8wXsjh8s
  8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Favorite Movie Ariana Grande Favorite Female Singer Justin Bieber Favorite Male Singer The Thundermans Favorite TV Show Jennifer Lawrence Favorite Movie Actress · The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 Will Ferrell Favorite Movie Actor · Daddy's Home SpongeBob SquarePants Favorite Cartoon Fifth Harmony Favorite Music Group The Muppets Favorite Family TV Show Hotel Transylvania 2 Favorite Animated Movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid Favorite Book · Jeff Kinney Charlie Puth Favorite Collaboration · See You Again Wiz Khalifa Favorite Collaboration · See You Again Ross Lynch Favorite Male TV Star—Kids' Show · Austin & Ally Inside Out Favorite Voice From an Animated Movie · Amy Poehler Cake Boss Favorite Cooking Show Jim Parsons Favorite Male TV Star—Family Show · The Big Bang Theory Sofía Vergara Favorite Female TV Star—Family Show · Modern Family Zendaya Favorite Female TV Star—Kids' Show · K.C. Undercover The Voice Favorite Talent Competition Show Just Dance 2016 Favorite Videogame Hello Favorite Song · Adele Shawn Mendes Favorite New Music Artist The thing im upset about: Mario Maker lost to just dance. HELL NO And yes Gravity Falls & Steven Universe lost to SpongeBob. I wanted Gravity Falls to win but im ok with SpongeBob winning. But the rest of the show was boring except for bringing Mario Maker to life. That was bad ass
  9. Ok i think we can all say that SpongeBob season 1-3 was the best and they still hold up today. Inro: Credits: And SpongeBob got VERY popular during season 2. But now he still is popular but not as much as he was then.
  10. SpongeBob season nine started in 2012 & it started out bad and in 2015 it became excellent! Here is a list of episodes and what i thought of them. Also put what you thought! Extreme Spots- Meh Squirrel Record- Bad Patrick-Man!-Good Gary's New Toy- Meh License to Milkshake- Bad Squid Baby- HORRIBLE Little Yellow Book- Stupid Bumper To Bumper- Meh Eek! An Urchin!- Good Squid Defense- Meh Jailbreak!- Meh Evil Spatula- Boring It Came From Goo Lagoon- Meh Safe Deposite Krabs- Good Plankton's Pet- Great! Don't Look Now- Meh Séance Shméance- Meh Kenny The Cat- Meh Yeti Krabs- Meh SpongeBob, You're Fired- Bad Lost In Bikini Bottom- Funny Tutor Sauce- Good The Executive Treatment- Good Squid Plus One- Meh Company Picnic- Meh Pull Up A Barrel- Good Sanctuary!- Good Whats Eating Patrick?- Good Patrick! The Game- Good The Sewers Of Bikini Bottom- Meh SpongeBob LongPants- Good Larry's Gym- Good Season So Far 7/10 Upcoming new episodes! The Fishbowl, Married to Money, Mall Girl Pearl, Factory Fresh The 200th Episode!
  11. I'm bored on Xbox & i need someone to play with. If you want to play send me a message on here :)

  12. I posted in here already but if you wish to add me, my name is GunsXxSnipersXx