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  1. chrome_2018-07-07_13-34-48.png.1eb91f20965620d2796ae63e427d0891.png

    When did this become a thing?

    Neat. I only understand 7 out of the 10 there, but I guess if someone wanted it they'd be happy to find it there.
    Maybe instead of making it a dropdown you could make it a textbox. Sure, people could meme with it and put "ATTACK HELICOPTER" or something but I don't think it would offend most people, just make them chuckle. Plus it could be an additional aspect to outfit your online identity.


    1. CypherHoof the Reblanked

      CypherHoof the Reblanked

      I agree with the textbox - not that I would WANT to identify as an attack helicopter (if only for the risk of Bubbles taking me out) but it would be better than a fixed list, and avoid people arguing over what should or shouldn't be on such a list.

  2. Lonk Chase


    Probably some of the most racist things I've seen lately are mostly towards whites, not blacks. If you dig deep into the dark "p r o g r e s s i v e" corners of Twitter you may find a couple tweets which clearly display hatred towards SWM's (Straight White Males), and it sucks. It isn't widespread (thank god), but just like the alt-right it's spreading because more and more people are agreeing toward these extreme hot takes on society. People need to remember that "reverse racism" exists and it's just as racist as traditionally-recognized racism. People also need to remember to NOT BE RACIST. At all. Please. ...I probably should turn off notifications for this topic, shouldn't I? I was thinking she might have made the call to make sure the kid didn't stray too far from home, but because she specifically worried the kid was trying to pick out houses to rob, that makes me suspect she was racist. Racists tend to view blacks as criminals, so assuming that the black kid was gonna rob somebody is a common mindset among those people. The best thing you can do is if something like that happens again remind your folks not to prejudge people based on their looks.
  3. Lonk Chase

    Should EqG become an 11 or 22 minute series?

    I bet Hasbro's gonna make one some day just because of how popular it's getting. Heck, it could possibly be G5 for all we know. ...actually we do know G5 is not gonna be that, so that joke made no sense, dang it
  4. Lonk Chase

    Favorite fanfiction genres of fanfiction

    My favorite genre isn't a genre as much as a category: fanfics that make no sense what so ever and probably are poorly written but make you chuckle just because of the premise. Crossover fanfics frequently make their way onto this category.
  5. Lonk Chase

    music Is anyone here into foriegn language songs

    The only two large groups of people right now who are into foreign-language songs are otakus outside of Japan and people who listen to Despacito ironically because M E M E S But hey, that's not all a bad thing. Look at how Despacito became mainstream and how suddenly and swiftly the normies took it and ran, leaving the meme gurus behind only scraps of their former masterpiece.
  6. Any line joking about a pony's presentation confusing what gender they are. Think of men who have long hair and how some people go "Is he a guy or a gal?" Hasbro does not want to test their luck against the progressive (with or without air-quotes) side of the fan base.
  7. Lonk Chase

    Describe the avatar above you with only one word

    bubbly It's a reference to this still from Wayne's World: ...That I made like 2 years ago back when I was a full on brownie.
  8. Lonk Chase

    Describe the avatar above you with only one word

    Doped Incomming iS tHaT lItErAlLy LoUiS aRmStRoNg in 5...4....
  9. Lonk Chase

    Who would win a conventional war, USA or Russia

    USA. They have more supplies. ...though with Trump I'm not sure how he'd do as Commander in Chief.
  10. Lonk Chase

    Technology Internet Speeds

    10 mb/s down, under 1 mb/s up. Poopity scoop. I use Frontier Communications so that's why.
  11. Lonk Chase

    Respond with a picture

    I have virtually no p0ne memes so these crappy ones will have to suffice I could draw my own but I lost the cord to my Intuos so oof
  12. Lonk Chase

    Respond with a picture

    crap, someone replied before I got mine in where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
  13. Lonk Chase

    Respond with a picture

    jk, keep being cute aj
  14. In case any of you guys think you're having a bad day, be glad that the first quote of yours that pops up on Google is not this:


    1. Porsh


      Or if you ever feel useless, remember that cases for the Nokia 3310 existed.

  15. Are you only changing your name and avatar because oooo spoopy ghost season or what?