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  1. In case any of you guys think you're having a bad day, be glad that the first quote of yours that pops up on Google is not this:


    1. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      Or if you ever feel useless, remember that cases for the Nokia 3310 existed.

  2. Are you only changing your name and avatar because oooo spoopy ghost season or what?

  3. Teleportation because it doesn't take any time to get to where you're going if you can get there instantly. Flying could be fun though.
  4. I just know somebody already posted this but whatever also dis
  5. Boop a snoot, any snoot

    boops @Mesme Rize @Meson Bolt and @Attack of the Pwns just because of the gifs
  6. Hello Fellow Ponies

    but seriously, welcome
  7. i swear i'm not back

  8. wait there's a changeling king now wha happen

  9. Problem: I have crappy internet. If I try to download a 30-50GB game, I'm going to have to wait a long time to play the game, as if I have a disk (with all content on it, which is a rarity nowadays), I don't have to wait. I can just play it. Bree.
  10. new cover watcha think

  11. hey thanks for being a person

  12. this was my first blog post



  13. wait how

  14. why does the profile pic not fit in the circle



  15. Hey, stupid question, what exactly do you think you have? Is it just mental or is it more than that?

    Also, sorry to hear that you are grounded for life.

    1. Holiday Agnaktor

      Holiday Agnaktor

      It's more than likely the pfeiffer virus, and it's not for life, just for a few months, probably.