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  1. Just soon. But for now, these horses will remain "star alicorns".
  2. You're right. But Luna and Celestia's family could be born as alicorns and live like stars too. I call these alicorns "star horses".
  3. What if Princess Celestia's parents were star horses and lived like stars themselves? This is the result. Celestia's parents, the star horses themselves. The iron atoms, seen inside Celestia's mother and father's body when they're trying to fuse the atoms into heavier elements. The aftermath of Celestia's parents' death in a supernova.
  4. Rather than that, the Power Ponies are similar to both the Powerpuff Girls, the Justice League, and the Avengers combined.
  5. Hey guys, I recently found an optical module from an old DVD-R drive that I recently taken apart. Go check it out!
  6. Do all horses, including ponies and many equines, come from the Pleistocene era?
  7. Why does the Power Ponies resemble the Powerpuff Girls, and are they like the Powerpuff Girls, the Justice League, and the Avengers?
  8. I am a time traveling expert, aiming to alter Episode 83 of MLP:FiM, by using FTL time travel on a satellite. I will be one of the employees at NASA and launch a time traveling spacecraft onboard a Ariane 6 rocket in the future. The modified BSS-702 satellite consists of the following: A reentry module which contains a metallic box manufactured by Boeing and Airbus, and a time traveling payload manufactured by the Anderson Institute, I'm sure that FTL travel will work out for altering an episode, but yeah. http://www.andersoninstitute.com/faster-than-light-travel.html
  9. What if the Pie family and Daring Do stood on a giant, spherical boulder that was 90 times the size of the boulder that almost crushed Pinkie Pie in "Maud Pie"? An ordinary giant boulder.
  10. Yeah, besides us humans. I'm pretty sure if aliens found "The Last Pictures" on Echostar 16 in the next few billion years, they would think that us Earthlings are a bunch of advanced, bipedal, sapient, and powerful beings.
  11. Yeah, I know. Luckily, we still have media to this day, and into the future. This includes: TV, radio, newspapers, websites, books, shows, and games. And eventually the brony fandom, THE brony fandom, heavily relies on media alone.
  12. Does the WTVR id from the 80's remind you of the Apple family?
  13. Yeah, but she has to appear in the G4 cartoon, if she wants to be in it, though. I'm not against it too. Megan should appear in that particular G4 cartoon.
  14. Why would Lauren Faust forget that Megan was a part of the show??!! I think Faust would have seen the G1 cartoons from the 1980s, and then, put Megan in the cartoon. That's all I have to say.
  15. No. Megan as a mythical species doesn't belong here. I need Megan as another character in the MLP:FiM show. That works as a little wink and nod to the G1 fandom ... while keeping the show focused on the fantasy elements.