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  1. a recent drum cover I did to a popular fandom song

  2. *peaks in* Good morning everypony.

    About ready to run

    1. Johnny1226


      Good morning captain 

  3. This is a great theory.
  4. I recently found a comic that made me want to dub it. The Applejack Voice was done by the awesome Wubcake.
  5. I once where rainbow dash running socks to a cross country race in high school. It's funny cause our guys team sometimes where some patterned socks when we run. And When I came out to a race wearing rainbow dash socks we all laughed (including myself). But one team mate was like "but you are not gay right?" And I was like "heck no". I realized he was just messing with me and kinda felt a small act of embarrassment. However, I played it off cool in the end
  6. As far as 4 1/2 has gone by, the fandom has changed in a few ways. I can't really name the differences off the bat, but I guess the bronies have changed a little bit since then
  7. how has everyone been recently?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      She sure did! I really love it. :D

    3. Captain Whirlwind

      Captain Whirlwind

      I love her art style

    4. BlueStreak98


      I've got a cold. Otherwise, I'm doing alright. You?

  8. well. Get to be a youth leader for my church 

    for high school summer camp. Yay me!

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    2. Captain Whirlwind

      Captain Whirlwind

      I leave in 2 weeks


    3. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Ooh, sounds like a lot of fun. :D

    4. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      First time doing something like this? Sounds like a good experience. ^_^

  9. goodnight friends

  10. Braeburm or Feather Bangs.

    who would win?

  11. gonna start playing piano soon!

    1. Snow


      Awesome! the piano is a really good instrument :P 

    2. Rawzy


      I started learning how to play it a few months ago but I got bored after I got to the intermediate part

  12. 3 days left of school. 

    Lets pound it out

    1. Varrack



    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Just a little bit further~

  13. i'm really bored. can't sleep well too.

    Fanfic time it is!


    1. CinderHeart


      Awww *hugs you*

    2. Captain Whirlwind
    3. CinderHeart


      i'm here if you bro