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  1. Just learning this nasty drum lick/intro

  2. Captain Whirlwind

    What was the first MLP character you discovered?

    I was coming home from High School Freshman year, then I saw Someone wearing a rainbow dash t-shirt. That's what kinda led to the discovery on me becoming a brony. haha
  3. So an old friend of mine who goes to Pepperdine College 

    recently had his residence burned down from the CA wildfires

  4. Happy (late) birthday! :D

  5. Captain Whirlwind

    How pretty would you say Fluttershy is?

    well...I think this image will answer the topic. VERY PRETTY!
  6. Omg. Browsing through The mlp forums now feels like memory lane for me, 

    but glad to see this site is changing in a good way. Feel like i should connect with more of the bronies here again

  7. Captain Whirlwind

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I put this as a status. But I just thought I'd model. haha
  8. I'm back on the MLP forums.....for some time as I'm posting this. I just decided to revisit and "old friend" loaded with a bunch of people I also made friends with on this site. But to all the people who know me on here you might be wondering (or maybe not) "Where did Whirlwind Go"? Well, this blog entry will answer your questions. 1) Life Changes: The obvious response is my life at the moment. I'm currently in a part of life where it's branching off into many different directions. Like the root of a tree, the taproot continues to grow, with supporting roots to make it grow better. For Starters I've been through multiple jobs. I've worked from volunteering at Church to working at two convenient stores for sometime, and currently getting a taste of what I want my career to be. I'm currently an assistant running coach for the intermediate school I went to. It really is an AMAZING place to work at! Helping/coaching kids at the things I Love to do. On the side, I've been laying down various plans to reach my career path and school plans for the future to come. 2) Different forms of communication: For the past year or so, I've been kind of making friends in a different way. I know some of the people reading this found me from different places of social media such as Youtube, Twitter, or even Facebook. But one of the main reasons why I kind of kept my fandom interaction a bit low key was that I would get too distracted with larger community based sites that it would make a change in my behavior in a bad way. It's kinda getting to the point to that I'm falling into a different range of people in this fandom since I make Youtube videos and make music so much. But that being said, I still would pop into EqD or MLP forums just to see whats going on. 3) Music: Piggybacking to what I said in life changes, Music is also making a big change in my life. Not only just by performance or career figures, but also getting involved with different kinds of people. Being a live performer in music and a composer really takes you to different places in this world. I've made friends with local musicians as well as online. The community database for music is ENORMOUS! And that's another reason that made my absence to MLP forums and kind of secluding myself from the brony fandom a bit. Which leads me into the next reason.... 4) New Interests: Yup! aside from music and making youtube videos, I've been finding new hobbies that I've been exploring and getting involved with different communities. I'm INSANELY addicted to physical fitness now. Distance running is my main forms of exercise, but now I'm weight training, mountain bike riding, and sometimes even swimming to challenge myself physically and mentally. I've found a number of people that i've connected with and built friendships through exercise. Another Hobby i'm starting to pick up is photography and modeling. I've been really interested into visual arts lately especially int the photography department. I've been exploring the world and taking pictures that not only look beautiful, but also give emotion. So Uhh yeah.....If you managed to read all of that, then I hope you understand my absence from the mlp forums as well as larger parts of the brony community. One thing that is still true though. I will remain a brony for the rest of my life. But even life offers many different things for your heart to explore. Anyways. Feel free to comment below or ask any questions about me. Thanks guys!
  9. Captain Whirlwind

    What is the nicest thing someone has said to you?

    I've had people come up to me saying I'm an awesome drummer or I'm a great athlete. However, one person (who's name I'll leave autonomous) said that I am a person who lives and dies for whatever your heart tells you. You are great person to inspire others in the things you do. Awwwwww that's nice
  10. Captain Whirlwind

    Do you play an instrument?

    Sure Do! Drums, Piano, Vocals, as well as compose music in Logic Pro X (if that counts)
  11. Captain Whirlwind

    General What Is Your Religion?

    I believed in Christianity for most of my life. However for the past 4 or so months, I've been indulged with Paganism and beliefs in the Nordic Gods.
  12. Captain Whirlwind

    Get Off Your Electronics

    The only way to claim this statement is if the human race does actually suffer more in the next 30 to 50 years
  13. Captain Whirlwind

    Why are you single? :3

    Wow. Cool Topic....I guess. haha. While the last relationship i had lasted over a year, I feel much better being single at the moment. Life goals and challenges keep me busy to make me succeed and be happy. Being in a relationship kinda put a roadblock to things i wanted to do because I had to put my relationship in front of that. So that's why I'm single