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    On average, about 149,608,900km from the centre of the sun.
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    - Engineering (particularly geotechnical),
    - Physics,
    - Mathematics,
    - Formal logic,
    - Philosophy,
    - Adorable things (especially ponies, cats, bunnies, and grey ducks),
    - Collecting/accumulating various aesthetically pleasing oddments,
    - Collecting/accumulating various interesting antique miscellanies,
    - Collecting/accumulating various second-hand dictionaries/thesauri,
    - Collecting/accumulating various nifty and often archaic vocabillularary words,
    - Finding and categorising various forms of genetically mutated daisies,
    - Making things up on the spot (intellectual ad-libbing is my forte),
    - Owl City, Pentatonix, & chipper chiptune music,
    - Reading Sir Terry Pratchett & Brandon Sanderson novels,
    - Reading C.S. Lewis' classic theology books,
    - Reading the surviving observations and deductions of various ancient philosophers and scientists (e.g., Da Vinci, Aristotle, etc.),
    - Lego (great for modelling simple engineering problems),
    - Minecraft,
    - 8-bit games,
    - Irony,
    - Being interesting.

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  1. Friends like you light up my life.


    Enjoy your weekend!

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    2. Duality


      Actually, you can be the ruler. I've always wanted to be a royal advisor type and you look sufficiently tougher than me to scare off would-be usurpers. Plus, how often do you hear about a ruler usurping his most trusted advisor as opposed to the other way around? :orly:

    3. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Sounds like a plan! We will be unstoppable.

      i am thinking I should go by one of two ruler names. Either Supreme Emperor of the World, or Todd.

      My first order of ruling is going to be outlawing death, followed by outlawing the use of the word “Fro-yo” instead of frozen yogurt.

      Wait usurping? Uh oh...

    4. Duality


      I think you should compromise and be Supreme Todd of the World. Also, outlaw taxes while you're at it. And interest on money. Compound interest used to be an international crime.

      Don't worry, I'll only usurp you if you do terrible things to innocents. Or if you put the toilet paper the wrong way around. Or if it's Tuesday. Only the worst offences will be avenged.

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