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  1. alfredo?
  2. Mega Thread

  3. its sunny and hot. but the sky is blue. wish it was raining.
  4. I was hopeing to go. maybe next year! sounds like It was fun!
  5. buck
  6. I don't know why. but I had this dream where twilight was driving a bulldozer, but then it found out it was just a fan in a costume, and I was dressed up as vinyl scratch. and the fan was building a club house that looked like the school from equestria girls weird.
  7. Mega Thread

    not that interesting its just a middle name? what's your fav song? or type of music.
  8. Food

    Peanuts! I don't really like Pretzels even if its in a mix bag. I eat all be it. unless we are talking about the bread type Pretzels.
  9. Food

    chicken salad with ranch dressing.
  10. Mega Thread

    that i need to continue my fanfiction. but am to lazy. and cant think about what to write next.
  11. this is easy the great and powerful Trixie! jk don't know who to choose. Discord or Starlight Glimmer. I think I go with Discord.
  12. 1 get a girlfriend 2 become a photographer 3 become a big youtuber 4 get better at artwork 5 get my own apartment
  13. Mega Thread

    underground caverns that's deep. how many video games have you played.