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  1. I have been wondering for a bit as to who the adults would be in Canterlot High, like villains (Chrysalis, Sombra, Discord, Tirek) since the princess were Principal and Vice principal. And even if they are villains, they would still be in the Equestria girls dimension. Go ahead and add any other characters that come to mind!
  2. Voltaire - The Headless Waltz I love this type of music
  3. I'm thinking of all the writing I was supposed to do today, but didn't :awuh:
  4. I was a famous author who had three best time sellers, and had tons of fans! Don't remember very much though...
  5. I hope to once I have them ran through my editor All kinds! From horror to romance, to just random, silly stuff! :-P
  6. Yes! Seeing him actually angry is always interesting as it is rather rare.
  7. Look for Spike, and then proceed to cuddle the heck out of him.
  8. Not too much to say about myself really, just a writer in training and fanfiction author! I enjoy long walks on the beach and kiwi fruits! I do writing of many kind, even a few roleplays from here and there! I am rather shy and quiet, but still wish to make some friends!
  9. Welcome to MLP Forums, Voidlex! I hope you have a great time here. /)