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Blog Comments posted by Tacodidra

  1. I believe having a unique style is the best way to make it as an artist these days. Having a message helps, too. :) And in the end, it's subjective – there's some highly-appreciated art that looks like a child's scribbles to me, but it does appear to have value to many others. :coco:

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  2. I've never participated much in the political discussions (or the religious ones, for that matter) here, mostly because they don't often have the positive atmosphere I really love about the forums. I may not agree on everything with some of my friends here, but I wouldn't expect that to be the case either (and I see it as just one aspect of our lives anyway). Though to be honest, I don't think my situation is really comparable, as I haven't come across any issues being discussed here that would have the same effect on my everyday life as this does on yours.

    In the end, it's your choice, and I'd probably feel the same if I was directly affected in the same way. I hope the situation improves for you soon! *hugs* :kindness:

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  3. I like them all myself, not sure if I even consider them guilty pleasures. :adorkable: I doubt the first three would get anywhere near as much hate if they were by less-known bands. >_>

    Another song by the Beatles that I think gets too much hate is "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" (I hope that's not the one you hate).  It's also quite a fun song, with the contrast between the happy melody and the morbid lyrics being a large part of its appeal to me. Neither that nor Ob-La-Di is my favorite from them, but I enjoy them for what they are. :)

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  4. It's incredible how much happened after those two episodes. :rarity: They're among the few episodes I've rewatched (I think that was during the season 8 mid-season hiatus – I still haven't got around to watching the full series again), and I must say I enjoyed them a lot more than the first time around. Episode 3 was the one that made me a brony (mostly because of how adorable Pinkie was). :)

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  5. I guess I was fooled, kind of... :twismile: Most of it obviously read like a joke, but then I saw you mention "Smells like Teen Spirit" (which I knew you don't like). :confused:

    I'm not sure how serious you were about that part, but I must admit I love "Black Hole Sun" (and not even as a guilty pleasure). :D Nostalgia plays a big part, but I can't help it. :rarity:

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  6. I have no idea about that, to be honest. I've heard singles were mostly bought by DJs in those days... but I doubt they'd have played Nirvana much. :dash: It seems there was a European release (probably the one sold in Finland?) that had the lyrics to all the songs from their album – maybe people really wanted to know what Kurt was trying to say. :please:

    Rock and metal have always sold well here, though nowadays it seems people mostly listen to rap and generic pop. :mellow: As for Iron Maiden, they've managed to do that quite a few times – most recently in 2007 when "Different World" was number one. :yay:

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  7. I like the song myself, but I can't help but agree it's extremely overrated. Just like you said, I liked it a lot more as a kid – I still think it's a fun song (especially when singing it on Singstar :laugh:), but nothing revolutionary, really. >_>

    "Lithium" is a much better song from them, yet it gets nowhere near as much attention. Which makes it an absolute must to post this. :D


    And no, SLTS couldn't do the same. :proud:

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