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    Ponies, Art, music, Steampunk, nature, photography, video games, animals, anything cute, weird and fuzzy
  1. That has got to be one of the most adorable and awesome ponies I have seen in a while. Love the color, wings, cutie mark and all out design!
  2. That is really good! Love the shading and soft colors. The background is really nice as well. The only critique I have is to soften the inside "Eyeliner" at the bottom of the eye a tiny bit. Hope to see more soon!
  3. PinkamenaPartyPie

    Gaming Slender: The Game

    Just got the game a few days ago. First attempt at it...I got 5 minutes in and 2 pages. Second attempt I got 8 minutes in, got away 4 times and got 3 pages. Had about 3 mini heart attacks and nearly jumped out of my chair. Turned around and nearly head butted him.
  4. PinkamenaPartyPie

    General Media Favorite Creepypastas?

    Can not for the life of me remember the name of it, but it was about the "haunted" children's show. Where kids would watch static on the tv and hear screams, but the parents saw/heard nothing. Wish I could remember the name of it. There are fan videos on YouTube. Also love Slenderman and The Rake.
  5. The original is one of my all time favorite songs. So epic and beautiful. This man does an AMAZING cover. Peter Steele (R.I.P) would be pleased.
  6. In no particular order: 1. stick bugs (one bit me on my lower eye lid when I was a kid) 2. edges of paper scraping together 3. nails getting ripped off (makes me vom) 4. paper cuts (also makes me vom)
  7. I'm breaking out my Silent Hill nurse costume I made last year and going as that again. Don't think the husband (DashPony) and I are doing anything but celebrating our anniversary. Might do a Halloween photo shoot.
  8. I'm kind of "socially awkward penguin" I have a hard time making friends. Have plenty of acquaintances, but very few real friends. I have MAYBE six or seven REAL friends. Met most of them when we went all through elementary, middle and high school together. I'm always up for making new friends too.
  9. PinkamenaPartyPie

    Eternity (Rainbow Dash)

    shouldn't take but a few minutes to get it done for you. (mostly to load the program. lol) when I have it up I will send you a link
  10. PinkamenaPartyPie

    Eternity (Rainbow Dash)

    I don't have an original. Pieced everything together after I made it. I can always make another one with the bubble attached and give it to you.
  11. PinkamenaPartyPie

    Eternity (Rainbow Dash)

    Thank you! I added the nose bubble. thought it would be adorable. Took a while to get that image done. (2 hours) By far, the most complicated one yet. Just wanted to get the image perfect for the amazing song.
  12. Thank you! It took me about an hour straight to get the colors right and about two days total to get the sketch done right. I plan to have more up as soon as I can stop procrastinating.
  13. Here is a sketch and coloring of my OC Spring Melody. My first, real MLP sketch. Not too bad for doing this on the computer. Still needs some work.
  14. PinkamenaPartyPie

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    LOVE the 'stache in the second pic...quite exquisite I must say! And you are pretty as well! Love the hair too. Here's a recent pic since now my hair is red instead of blonde. (disregard the farmer tan. got that from work) Love your piercings and eye makeup! Never can get my makeup to look that nice. Always turns out looking like i haven't slept in days. >__<
  15. PinkamenaPartyPie

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I get compared to Christina Ricci, and Ellen Page
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