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  1. The sky is nice and clear tonight. I took a reading of the night sky at home and got a pretty typical result (~21mpsas). To you folks in the cities and suburbs, this would be considered "dark". 

    Compare that to the reading to the one I took at my other property a few days ago (21.65mpsas), there's a huge difference. That's a very dark sky! Theoretical darkest sky on earth is usually assumed to be 22mpsas. The scale is logarithmic.

    When you experience a really dark sky, the one back at home just doesn't look the same anymore. 


    SQM-L Meter.jpg



    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Cool! :o Heh, Twi looks so cute. 

    2. TotallyNotNyx


      interesting ^_^

    3. Cash_In


      Huh, that's an interesting difference. Also, Twilight looks like she's enjoying herself.

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