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    I am a very unpopular pony artist, hardcore Xbox gamer, Soccer freestylist, local graffiti artist and practice Parkour often. I love to listen to music when I draw, and sometimes make my own. I have some weird habits, like that I hate the number 3 and I normally type with a capital at the start of a word, but I was told not to or I would get BANNED.
    There's only one thing that makes me truly content, and that is hanging out with my beloved Twily. I read books and play Xbox with her. I also eat waffles. Sometimes I eat waffles with her. The MLP Forums also makes me feel happy, more specifically, my only friends are here. So I guess I spend most of my life currently on the forums, sharing my artwork and talking to friends. It's nice. <3
    Wait, you're actually reading this?

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    I'm so tired of being tired.

    I just need a break from everything for a little while.

    It's snooze time. Good night everypony.