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  1. I honestly dont think so...In the past she was known for being a bold and outgoing person but it never seamed to make anypony like her in particular except for the people/ponies who absolutely understood her
  2. Name: Leila Age:17 Gender: Female State: (USA) Likes: Animals, Music, Dance, Colorguard, Coffee, The color blue, MLP, Pokemon, Waffles, Rain, and drawing Dislikes: Telling other people about my life, Almost all vegetables, and freezing cold temperatures Other info: Having a few friends that you are close to is better than having many friends that your not I accidently replied twice on this page SORRY!
  3. Name: Leila Gender: Female Age:17 Interest: Music,dance,animals,drawing Life goal: Elementary school Teacher or Veterinarian Favorite characters in the MLP show: Silverstream, Starlight, Luna, Twilight, and Flurry Heart Other info: The only reason I don't like to have a lot of friends is because I am only loyal to the people who are there for me...It makes like a whole lot easier
  4. I will most likely do that and see if I like the site
  5. Yes once I join I get a random welcome...it was very nice
  6. Thankyou so how does this site work?
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    Went over to a friends house and she got me into it