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  1. Hi there I originally had this account set up with my husband's email and even though I have changed it to mine it still appears as my husband's what do I do?
  2. Yeah! I have the hip scarfs and everything! I am learning through YouTube! It keeps you in great shape all around your legs booty and of course belly. I'm glad you are doing some dancing too. Any style or training in particular?
  3. Hi I have been learning to belly dance and really like it? How about y'all? What do you do?
  4. Oh gosh I still haven't finished that! We have the reboot. God I really should finish the game is so good the characters cute 😍 on top of that I am learning to belly dance! So just another reason
  5. Hi everyone ask me anything you want to know more about.
  6. My G1's are Firefly Blueberry baskets Dancing butterflies Medley Speedy Forget me not
  7. Okay I have read past sins. It is one of my favorites too!
  8. Forthe most part I just listen to fanfics more than read so I can get stuff done. I hope that you are successful in your battle tech cross over maybe I can come take a look at it sometime.what is it called? Past sins...hmm sound familiar. I will have to check it out.
  9. Cool! Letters from an Irratated Princess is a comedy
  10. Awesome every one I was in choir from middle school untill collage.I hope to get back into singing someday.
  11. Brandywine hugs love hack!

  12. Hey any choir or former choir brats out there? Give me a shout out!