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  1. This sounds like it could be a lot of fun. You can count me in. Summoner name: Zhinzo Preferred team: Blue Preferred lane: Support/jungle
  2. Hey there, I'm starting to feel like I might be getting dangerously close to that mythical thing of diamond ELO rumors, so called "vague hints of remote competence". And I thought that with my trespassing of this sacred holy ground, combined with the upcoming summer vacation this might be the best time to ask again, are there any EUW bronies out there willing to indulge me and give me the time of the day, and maybe even start up a ranked team if we can get together enough people? Oh, just for funsies, here's my best score I ever got against a not completely sucky team. In case you're wondering, I went mid lane, the team K/D was 84/85, I accidentally stole 3 kills, and I have myself to blame in part for losing that match, because aside from my team playing absolutely terribly, I started roaming way too late to be of any help. (Around the 30 minute mark if memory serves me right.) I'm trying to work on my timing with that more...
  3. I personally never knew about CV until this commotion about it started, and from what I've read about it I'd pretty much say that the biggest loss in removing it would be that integrated voice chat option. With it the allied ult timer thing is really trivial, because if you can just simply ask someone for their ult timer without anyone needing to type anything then the timer does not need to be there. Other than that, one thing that I see a lot of people missing about the jungle timers is that, yes, it only times the objectives you have vision of, but what a lot of people miss is that having vision of something does not equal looking at it. Even when you have a ward placed at your red buff it is still very possible to miss the few seconds it takes for kha'zix to jump in and take it from your side of the map while you're busy waiting in a bush at top lane for a gank. At that point giving you an automatic timer for it would be rewarding you for lacking map awareness, as you at that point should no longer know when that buff is going to respawn. That having been said though, I do think jungle timers for bot games would be a nice way to get people to actually start to learn and pay attention to that stuff.
  4. Support and jungle aren't hard in the traditional sense, but they do require a different mindset to play correctly compared to the other roles. While you can tank/mage/adc following a general pattern of "see minion, last hit minion, buy most powerful item available" that is not going to be the case as a support. And especially the fact that most supports are powerful in lane early game but fall off of the wagon as soon as mid game hits tends to trip people up. It is by no means super hard to support, it just requires a little mindset change. And since most people start out learning the more general lane roles the shift tends to be a very uncomfortable one.
  5. I'm in a ranked team... not sure if I would rank all of us "good" though. (Partially referring to myself.) Just yesterday I went on dramatically losing 7 of the 8 games I played. Is it possible to be in multiple teams simultaneously?
  6. AP Lucian with lich bane FTW!!! In all seriousness though, I've been playing jungle Leona, and it's been working out fairly okay for me so far.
  7. @@Flakk Add me as well, I don't have nearly enough non-randoms to play with. My summoner is Zhinzo.
  8. I have a team proposal to maybe try out some time. In top lane, "The eye of twilight" Sparkle. (Shen) Roaming the jungle, "Chosen of the moon" Luna. (Diana) Mid lane, "The prestigious" Trixie Lulamoon. (LeBlanc) As support, "Chosen of the sun" Celestia. (Leona) And last but not least carry Mi Amore "Heartseeker" Cadenza (Heartseeker Ashe) I call it, "Trixie and the alicorns". Not sure if it would work, but I wouldn't mind finding out.
  9. @@Guardian Braveheart "Captain!?" she repeated surprised. She gave him a little playful shove against the shoulder. "Sheesh, and then you go and make me feel like I'm important." She silently started to eat her sandwich, curiously examining Guardian as she did so. Getting a better look at him now that he had cheered up Star couldn't help but feel there was something charming about him.
  10. @@Guardian Braveheart She chuckled and blushed a little. "Well, I suppose I make it sound a bit bigger than it really is. For the most part it's just making sure the job gets done right." She excitedly flapped her wings and exclaimed, "I do get to order ponies around though, that's always great." Slowly her eyes trailed down. Her gaze rested on his cutie mark. "A red shield?" she thought to herself. "And he said he works in Canterlot. He's probably a royal guard then." She looked back up at him and asked, "Might I ask what rank you are?"
  11. @@Guardian Braveheart "Seasonal lead weather pony~!" she proudly responded, her wings fluttering a bit behind her as she did so. "Usually I only work during the winter, but one of my colleagues got lazy, so I'm filling some holes." She trotted back to where she was sitting before and patted the seat beside her. "I'm almost finished for today though, just have to check if everypony did their job right and then I'll be off to catch some sun in the park." With a chuckle she gestured for a waitress. "You said you're from Canterlot, right? Have you gotten to try the lavender-mint sandwiches here yet? I promise you, they're delicious."
  12. @@Guardian Braveheart Star gave the colt a short sympathetic look. "Ah, I see. Well, if it helps you any, hearts bruise quickly but I've found that they can also heal pretty fast." She smiled and offered him a hoof to shake. "My name's Starstream, or just Star if you prefer. I was just on my lunch break and I'll need to get back to work soon. Would you mind if I stuck around for a bit until then? I've got nothing to do for a while."
  13. @@Guardian Braveheart As Star drank the last sip of her tea and finished off her lunch her glance shifted to the entrance of the cafe. A blue unicorn had just walked in and had drawn her attention. Something about his expression worked on her curiosity. She gestured over to him, greeting him with a friendly "hey there~". Getting up from her seat and trotting over to him she continued, "it's way too nice of a day today to be looking like you just lost your puppy. Is everything okay?"
  14. Would this character be okay?
  15. Count me in as well, and allow me to pick for @ while I'm at it. I'll be joining as Winter's mother. We'll both be kirin, so on the monster side of things.
  16. Thunderlane flinched. Wait... what happens if you flinch in the middle of performing fly?
  17. Stomp Baton pass Earthquake Aerial ace Gust/Whirlwind Sunny day/Rain dance Flamethrower Brine Solar beam Charm
  18. In that case, can I apply my character?
  19. How many people/characters are you still looking for?
  20. @ Hai-hai there, would you guys still happen to have space for one extra pony? I've been stagnating for a while now and I'm itching to get back into roleplaying.
  21. Static shiv gives a +5% movement speed I believe, and so does trinity force.
  22. I'm Star Heartlocke on NA, as soon as I have my preferred champions together again I can play pretty much any position safe for jungling fairly reliably, though considering the demand for junglers nowadays I might just practice that for a bit. Seriously though, when did junglers get less popular than supports?
  23. I would love to join, but I am nowhere near level 30 on NA. Would you mind if I joined in on the fun with unranked battles though?