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OOC WWII Peleliu RP (planning & discussion)

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Alright this is the Iwo Jima WWII RP discussion and planning page. We are here to discuss and plan the RP. Feel free to ask any questions you want not just about the rp but about ww2 and iwo jima in particular. I will add the members participating below


Sage of Six Mirrors:

Name: Pvt. Caleb Hutchson

Role: sniper

Gun: Springfield M1903


FireBolt Blitz:

Name: PFC. Darren Strank

Role: medic

Gun: M1 Garand


Lighting Bell:

Name: Sgt. Joseph Garson

Role: Squad Leader

Gun: M1 Garand

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Sorry for not posting lately everyone. It's been getting extremely hot where I live, to the point where I am unable to concentrate on roleplaying due to the intense heat. Once it settles down I will rejoin immediately. 

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