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An Anime/Manga section?


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It might be a little off topic but can we please get an Anime sub-forum? This may fall under media which someone else is suggesting.

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The staff in general are very hesitant to add more sub forums when its not needed. We already have a Media Discussion sub forum with tags that anime would fall into.and as such, I don't feel the need for an entire section dedicated to Anime/Manga. If that was to be done, people will begin asking for a sub forum for Gaming, TV, Movies...you get the point. At that point we may as well desolve the entire Media Discussion sub forum. Personally I feel it would be way too messy.


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Anime related Threads are shown in the TV/Movies section as they are premiered on TV, plus there are Movies as well. If you were to get Anime as a sub-category, you would have to make a lot of major changes due to popular demands that fall under the same category which can be, as already stated quite messy.


Seeing how many users are Anime fans, myself included, I would love this idea but executing this idea is quite a bit of extra work for the administration and I think they already are busy enough with their current work.

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