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Any Anime or Manga fans?

reject pegasus

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On 2024-02-15 at 3:18 PM, Antiyonder said:

Just library check out, but reading the manga A Man and His Cat.

Like me, only the man has more going for him.😅

Dude that manga rocks and just so heartful! :wub:


I read both anime and manga,  I did try light novels a few times but could not get into them.  

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Been rewatching Mega Man Upon a Star several times.  Fun special and apparently a pilot of sorts for the 1994 series had they gone with the original promo looking closer to the game.

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I do enjoy some anime but there other anime I not into, Gurren Lagann is my favourite anime, like the mecha. I like many characters speciall female ones. As for manga, don't read much but try get to it more.

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