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Doctor whooves and assistant

Warrior Dark Void

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it looks good but the legs are a bit stiff.

looking at the doctor's hooves on the back it stands a bit tilted upward making it look like a stick.

derpy's back legs also stand a bit to straight try putting more of a (small) curve in it.

the picky criticism aside this looks really good ^^ keep going!

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The thing with drawing these kinds of pictures is there needs to be a focus. the two of them are not seemingly aware the other is there for example. their shadows should be long like the objects in the photo and I would zoom in a bit so it doesn't feel like a bunch of sketches on the same page instead of a unified picture.


Also if you want some adanced tips. try to have the lines that make up the objects and the eyes of your subjects go to the focus of the page. Your eyes naturally follow this path.




there is a more overt version of what I mean. all other characters in the piece are designed to make you look to the center. follow their hands and eyes and body positions, all of it is designed to serve this purpose.




if you follow the body language they take you on a round about. the guy in the front looks at the guy to the right, who has one hand pointing at his line of vision and his other hand pointing at feather hat man. While he is looking at the guy pointing at him his feather, slightly tilted posture and the wrinkles of his clothes point to the older man who is LITERALLY pointing too the two other guys that complete the curcit. there is even more in those pics I am not even brushing on but even if you just take one or two things I said you will greatly improve.

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