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Deadpool makes pony reference


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This wouldn't be the first time Deadpool has referenced ponies. c:



It's funny that some of these characters have been voiced by pony actors at one point or another:




4-Scarlet Witch



7-Kitty Pride


9-Black Cat

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On 2014-08-20 at 8:16 PM, Zekromic said:

Looks like our favorite trollmaster makes a reference to ponies and bronies in Deadpool: Dragula's Gauntlet #5

I totally see him being one of us  :P


Source: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2014/08/ponies-dropped-in-deadpool-draculas.html

Heroes comics Deadpool superhero Games wallpaper | 1920x1200 | 128181 |  WallpaperUP Rainbow Dash standing (S03E07) by DJDavid98 on DeviantArt | My little pony  twilight, My little pony drawing, My little pony princessWell this is Deadpool we are talking about. so, it wouldn't be much of a Suprise for him to make Reference to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and The Brony Fandom. 

Celestia Forbid that Deadpool Clone himself with the mirror pool (Shudder)

Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie _ DEATH BATTLE! (Marvel VS My Little Pony)  REACTION!!! - YouTube

Since Pinkies pie also break the fourth wall. I'm Guessing that Pinkie pie and Deadpool would become best friend or Deadpool and Rainbow dash might start Pranking everypony in ponyville, which might drive applejack and Twilight insane

Insane Twilight Sparkle Vector by WeegeeStareAtYou on DeviantArtCrazy Apple Jack by lazcreations on DeviantArtfull.jpg Deadpool no need to be a jerk



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On 2022-01-18 at 5:29 AM, CloudMistDragon said:

Wow. The feeling when I clicked on this topic expecting it to be about the MLP reference to Pinkie Pie in Deadpool 2 and saw all of this instead. :dash:

I think there’s a separate thread for that in particular :huh:

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