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It was a peaceful day in Equestria. All was well even for the average pony and the awkward problems they deal with. Luna was talking to Celestia about the things that have changed in the past 1000 years and what might be the most important to be familiar with, mainly recreational activities. Luna had never felt so out of place and before she was banished she had no time for activities. It was different this time around since Celestia was used to doing her work. She had used that her advantage lately. Playing target practice with the catapult and so on.  She soon realized it too got boring after a while.She sighed in frustration.

Work kept her busy before she was banished. She longed for something interesting to happen. Later that day her wishes would be granted.

          Around 3:00 a royal guard burst in the throne room. Out of breath he bowed to the sisters.

          " Huhhh... Huhh... The... changelings... have... threatened us... again, but they... claim it.. will be... different."

Celestia was holding back a smirk. The thought was too funny for her to comprehend.

           "Do you think it will be different?" She asked the guard triumphantly. She thought she had him.

           "Yes." He responded "Here's why." He pulled out a pony's head from his saddle bag. It had a massive hole in the forehead and the back looks like it exploded. 

            " We don't know what they did to him, but it was a gruesome sight where his body lay. Blood everywhere, chunks of his brain were scattered all over the ground and this thing was found near the body." He pulled another thing from his saddle bag, it looked like a golden cone. Celestia was horrified, while Luna was disgusted beyond her stomach. She resisted the urge to spew everywhere.

            " We don't have the elements of harmony within our possession and love isn't likely to save us again," Celestia said. " And we can't hold back an entire army. I didn't want it to come to this but we need outside help."

             " Are you suggesting we summon an entity for help?" Luna questioned.

             " Yes. Get Twilight Sparkle. This will require a lot of magic. We summon something that will help us and won't be reluctant." Celestia answered.


             Andrew wasn't your typical gamer. He loved games with a passion. Enough so he did research on the weapons he used in game. He did't like going outside or doing schoolwork or even watching cartoons. He sat in his bedroom with his Xbox, Wii U, and 3DS. He was happy that way. Although he did watch a few things. Some were The Walking Dead, MLP FiM, and you tube videos. As much of a gamer he was, he wished shooters had more logic. 

             " Bull Shit!" He yelled. " A tomahawk doesn't kill you if it its your hand!" He sighed. He opened a liter of coco-cola and sipped away at it. He opened the disc drive and took out COD: Black Ops 2 and put in Battlefield 4. Something he liked way better than COD. Just as hopped in to a server. The power went out.

             " Perfect timing." He said sarcastically.  Opening the fuse box in his bedroom and tried flipping the switch until his room turned back on. If too much is used a one time at his house it automatically switches off. It wouldn't turn back on.

             " Why? Did the city lose power?" He walked to the door and opened it to go get his dad and ask what happened. What he saw made him question his sanity. He saw three technicolor ponies right in front of him. He looked at the bottle of Coke and checked the ingredients. Nothing out of the normal.

              " I'm pretty sure that Coke had something in it." He said As he turned around to see his bedroom not there.

              " It's official I'm on a acid trip." Dropping the bottle the ponies looked at each other confused wondering what he just said.

              " Let me intro-" The white one was cut off.

              " Oh my lord! Did it just talk!?" He screamed

              " Sister are you sure this thing capable of helping us?" Asked the Navy blue one. Andrew went wide eyed and ran towards the window trying to jump out before he was levitated back to the ponies.

              "You gotta be shittin' me." He said.

              "Let me introduce my self. I'm princess Celestia. That's Luna and that's Twilight Sparkle." She pointed to the other ponies.

              " Why am I here?" He asked. "I hope it's not for for some dumb ass reason." He knew them well but he played along with the not knowing them.

               " We need your help, we are under threat by a powerful force that may destroy us and you are the best candidate."

               " I'm not gonna even question why," He rolled his eyes. " Why can't you handle you selves? Why need a human?" This he didn't know.

               " We are under threat. Our weapons are unavailable to us. But we can use our magic to use your weapons then you can teach us how to use them." Celesta said enthusiastically.

               Andrew wasn't a bad person. He knew they weren't evil and the inhabitants are fore the most part innocent. It wouldn't be fair to them if he turned them down.

               " OK I will do it. But it will involve killing since that's mankind's solution to solving fights." 

Celestia groaned. If this is what her magic brought to her it was the best solution.

               " Fair enough." She nodded unhappily.

               " Sister ponies don't know how to kill!" Luna exclaimed.

               " I can also help with that." Andrew suggested.

               " First we must disguise you." Her horn glowed and a in a instant Andrew was a pony. He looked at his hooves. Then his tail. Then his wings.

               " I never-" He stopped. His voice was feminine.

               " Why am I a Mare?! Why transform me?" He screamed.

               " It turned you into a pony so the others won't get suspicious. As for the Mare it was an accident."

               " Change me to a stallion!" He commanded

               " Sorry but we can't change pony's genders." She smiled apologetically.

               " I am not a pony though!" He shrieked.

               " You are now!" She said as she flew away.

Andrew face palmed-err hoofed himself.

               "Come I'll show you your chambers. We'll get things straightened out after you get some rest." Luna sighed.

               "Good idea," He stumbled. " Oh *sqwee* I can't walk. What the *sqwee*. Oh I see how this is gonna be." He put his hoof of Luna as she helped him to his chambers. Celestia couldn't help but laugh. She stopped right after remembering why he is here. She had to make preparations.

               Andrew laid in his bed and thought one question.

               "How am I supposed to use guns with hooves?"



End of Part 1

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