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so, im sure you know how derpy changed. lisp gone and eyes are fixed :(. but derpy was getting A LOT of fan attention.

You mean THIS Derpy?




Yea Derpy's still the same wall-eyed silly character she was before so don't worry. :derp:





you know how to get money? add a popular character to the main characters list. I have a theory that derpy could have been part of the mane 6 if the parents didn't threaten to sue Hasbro. what do you think? tell me if I could be right or wrong. Anyways see ya everypony brohoof /). TROYLIQUIDS OUT WAAAA!


No offense to Derpy, but by her very nature it wouldn't work. It's not just that Derpy is a background pony. There'sthe fact that she could stir a lot of unwanted controversy as she had in the past. She moreover lacks a solid character development. Also the fact that she originated as an error in the show. Her character is very unique to say the least, and while she has her place in the show, making her one of the Mane 6 would be awkward and clumsy, although it could work for an episode. :muffins: 

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No, even when she had her initial wave of popularity before she was banned, she was still a background pony. Granted, she did have a scene of dialogue, but that still doesn't change the fact that she wasn't anywhere near being a major side character. I would like to see her in a Friends Forever issue though.

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Nah. I like Derpy in small doses. I don't think she'd be as great or as special to the fandom if we saw her all of the time. She started out as a fun little Easter egg and has slowly but surely found her own role in a handful of the show's episodes. What more can you ask for? Besides, I'd like the show to avoid any more controversy over her name, voice, or clumsiness.


And she's another pegasus. That would seriously disrupt the pony type balance amongst the group. We've got enough winged-mares already. What we really need is another unicorn now. A certain bacon-maned baddie with a sun cutie mark.

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