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How did you find MLP Forums?: Through GMOD workshop, browsing MLP Creations

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Found a video on youtube, been a fan ever since.

Why hello there, I am Arican.


I'd like to start off by saying that reading some of the other introduction posts, I love how warm and welcoming this community is, and I'm sure I'll fit in just fine  :lol:. Aannnnyway... About me.




I grew up in a small historic town in Canada, things where really slow. when I was eight years old, my father was diagnosed with ALS, a brain disease that slowly eats the nervous system until you become paralyzed and your heart stops. at first I thought it wasn't so bad, I was a christian so of course I prayed to my god every single night in hopes that my father would excel from this nasty disease. Near two years after he contracted it, He passed away. I was at my friends house and when I got back, my mother opened the door with a horrified look on her face. I can't remember much after that. all I can remember is after that my life took a turn for the worst, I started doing many bad things, hanging out with bad people who where doing drugs. which in tern led me to doing drugs, it scarred me. I lived in that town for 6 more years before moving out of the province. Away from the life I had.


My life hasn't got much better, I've given up on religion, I'm really lonely in my house, and I don't have many friends. Drawing really helps me keep my head on my shoulders, Along with Writing and talking with people online. Occasionally I get really emotional and need to take a break, but it doesn't happen too often. Roleplaying is something I really fancy, While most people create new characters every different roleplay they do, I stick to one OC, Arican Darysa, A blue Pegasus, My alter ego almost. 

The reason I like roleplaying is because it lets me escape from the real world, forget about my troubles,

and clear my mind.



I hope I can become friends with all the ponies on this forum, you seem like such nice people  ;) 

Have a good night Everypony!



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Welcome! I'm really sorry to hear that story about your dad..Also, good news for you: A wild roleplayer has welcomed you! Yep, I love roleplaying, especially on this game called Roblox. Alot of people say it sucks but I think it doesn't..But pretty much..I roleplay for hours. But then, when reality calls me...you know what happens. And enjoy your stay!

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Well your in luck, while i havent had it as bad as you, i was getting pretty stressed with family issues and such, but ever since i became a brony it has been all uphill. I made so many new friends, got a girlfriend, made it though hard times, etc. And i dont think i would be where i am without the fandom, and i hope it helps you as much if not more than it helped me :D

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Hi there, welcome!

I'm always excited when a new roleplayer joins the forums. I, too stick with one character (unless I'm playing a cast character).

What happened to your dad is truly awful, and I know if it had happened to my dad I would have flipped my shit. ALS is not a pleasant way to go, and that you're functional is a testament to who you are. Keep your head up.  :)

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