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I've just recently started rebuilding my offline music collection since I'm annoyed with streaming lately. It's fun to just shuffle my whole library together!

Most of what I've got at the moment are soundtracks- Sonic the Hedgehog, a bunch of other video games, Homestuck, RWBY, of course My Little Pony! I'm also rediscovering music I was really into a long time ago, like LEMMiNO.

I'm also mixing in lots of tracks from Ektoplasm - I've just recently discovered they exist and there's a lot of good stuff on there.

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The air conditioner blowing away my income.

I ain't single-handedly paying the electric bill next month...

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My favourites playlist of YT Dub Techno compilations -

Nebulous Egress [OHM001] - Yagya
The Grass is always greener - Jichael Mackson
Night Snowfall - Heavenchord
Magnetic - IORI
Nanny In Leningrad (R.Hz Remix) - Kirill Matveev
Inside Out - Mateo Murphy
Moving On - Fluxion
Hunter (R.Hz Remix) - Kirill Torno
The Ambush - Breaka
Sielu Vainikai - Vejopatis
Japan Shift - Martin Goodwin
sens et puissance - Zzzzra
Synapses w/ Rlen - Dullatron
Chameleon - Trentemøller
Hypnagogue - Evan Marc + Steve Hillage
Matrix Noise - Sanasol
Counterparts - Epsilon
Hannah - Frank Hellmond
Ossified Current - MTRL



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